Earlier this month I teamed up with Westfield Chermside on the first reveal of their new fashion precinct. Think big, like Brisbane’s first Sephora and other international names including H&M and ZARA, all of which have arrived at Westfield Chermside! Your favourites, like Country Road, Witchery and General Pants Co., to name a few, have also found new homes in the precinct and all with new interiors. Take it from me - I already want to move into Country Road’s new fitout. 

Naturally, I was on the hunt for transeasonal pieces that would take me through the next couple of months with the versatility to layer up come winter. My key staple is definitely the knit. Go oversized, fitted, bell sleeves, exaggerated sleeves, whatever style you fancy. Then, it is just a matter of mixing it up with your favourite skirts, over/under dresses, jeans, wide trousers etc. 

See my favourite knit styles below. 

Wearing Above.
Local Supply Eyewear from General Pants Co. / Knit, Skirt & Bag by ZARA. 

There’s nothing like bringing some sunshine through to the winter months with a bright yellow oversized knit. Pair it back with a metallic and keep the accessories to a minimum to let the knit shine. 

Wearing Above.
Mohair Knit, Satin Slip Dress & Eyewear by Country Road / Belt & Shoes by Witchery / Bag by ZARA / Ricco Lip by Stilla via Mecca Cosmetica

An easy way to take your knit to another level is to colour block. Use the same tone head to toe and then mix it up with texture and fabrics. Here, I mixed the mohair knit with a liquid satin slip dress. Add a vampy lip and slide on a pair of loafers to keep it cool. 

Blog artwork created using:
Pump action 12mm Paint Marker (Pineapple Park) & Heavy Body Acrylic (Turquoise) from
Ironlak – a new concept street art supplies store at Westfield Chermside

All looks can be found at Westfield Chermside now.



What a week! I sent off my next print collection to the printers yesterday and today I talking to you about a collaboration of mine that just launched (pinches self!) 

So around August last year I was approached by the lovely ladies Jessica & Jody behind Sydney based brand Nice Martin to work together on something. We knew straight away it would be a dress & it would be their first pattern piece for the brand. I thought of instead just showing you what we created, I wanted to talk you through the process. 



The first step after our first meeting over the phone was for me to create a mood board to make sure we were both on the same page aesthetically. 

Instantly I was inspired by their Loren Jumpsuit. I loved the cut and eyelet detailing and straight away knew that was something I would love to have included in the final piece. 

I then started to think about pattern. Nice Martin is effortlessly cool. It isn't the place to go full-gorman. A non-perfect, textured stripe is what came to mind. 

Colour. We spoke about earthy tones over the phone in our first meeting so I pulled some of my favourites for the first mood board. Khaki won, as it nearly always does in my eyes. 

Shape. I sent sketches of an A-line Mini Dress, Square Neck with eyelets on the front and back to hold wide straps. Something I envisioned to be worn alone, with a tee underneath or layered further in the cooler months. 


From that moment we realised we had the same vision for the collaboration and it was full steam ahead. We decided on a wide khaki/olive green stripe for the pattern and I started to finalise that for them to manufacture. 

From there they worked their magic to bring the dress to reality from sketches and pattern files. Let's just say it turned out exactly like my sketch from seven months ago. 


Shop the Jasmine Dress Here.

can you believe how close my original sketch is to the final dress?



We designed this dress with multiple seasons in mind. The humidity of summer, the in-between indecisive weather of autumn and as it gets cooler into the winter months. So for some inspiration I have listed some of my favourite ways to wear it. 

1. Let it do the talking. Wear it alone.

2. With your favourite white tee.

3. With a fitted light weight knit.

4. With your classic white shirt.

5. Bring it in at the waist with a belt.

6. Where it with statement sleeves. 

Be sure to let me know how you wear it on
Instagram by tagging me @jasminedowling & @nice_martin 




The trend of Metallics is definitely here for another season but I do think it is a trend that scares a shopper. Of course we are drawn to anything shiny in store but then put it back thinking you won't be able to pull it off. So today I thought I would talk it out, how to wear metallics without looking like the Tin Man (unless that was what you were going for, in that case wear all of this and more)


Accessories, Always & Forever. 
This is the fool-proof way to introduce something shiny into your life. A metallic accessory is your cheat item to dress up any outfit. Think shoes & bags. It may not be your everyday hand bag so you can have some fun with a clutch, micro-bag (that doesn't fit anything you need for everyday) or go a backpack because hey, they are already a fun bag.  

Keep it simple
Let the metallic do all the talking. You don't need to be shouting over the top of the metallic with extra embellishments.
This will also mean that the metallic will read more modern than OOT. 


Now you have your metallic pieces, how will you wear them? 

When looking at my new shiny silver, all I am thinking is "I have to wear blue denim" so I have listed how I will wear mine in the hope you will not fear metallic this season

1. White Tee, Medium Rinse Blue Denim Skirt, Max & Co Backpack in Silver
2. Slip dress of any colour & Max & Co Silver Boots
3. Black frayed jeans, white shirt & Max & Co Silver Boots
4. White on White get up with the Max & Co Golden Sandal (Sunkissed skin optional)
5. Pink silky or pleated skirt, Oversized Tan Knit & Max & Co Golden Sandal
6. Black Denim, Long trench & Max & Co Silver Boots poking out the bottom
7. White Shirt Dress & Max & Co Backpack in Silver
8. Vintage Denim, Blazer (recently found one with silver stars that would be perfect) & the Max & Co Silver Boots
9. White Midi Skirt, Grey Tee, Denim Jacket &  Max & Co Backpack in Silver
10. If I am feeling it, I may do double metallic with a silver pleated skirt, Max & Co Silver Boots and a black silk tee. 




jasmine x

This post was created in collaboration with Max & Co x


Shot by Michael Hughes

Wearing Past Season Cropped Knit by Lilya, Skirt by Steele, Leather Sneakers by Converse

Those who have signed up to my newsletter or follow along on Stories know that I have been like a moth to a red flame when it comes to my wardrobe over the last few months. It is hard to believe that this cropped Lilya knit from years ago was my only red piece until recently. Since I have added these leather converse with red detailing (above) Red slogan tees and been keeping my eye out for more red winter staples.

I think this is definitely a colour to keep your eye on this season. 

I have curated some of my favourite Red pieces I have found online below.






Shot by Michael John Hughes

Wearing; Max & Co Pinstripe Skirt & Bag / Ellery Blazer / Assembly Label Everyday tee

The other day I was scrolling online stores when I came across designer rainbow knee high socks. Yes, the kind you wore in primary school (possibly with toe hoes). This was one fashion memory that I wished had stayed deep, deep down & not resurfaced while online shopping. 

So that got me thinking about Nostalgia & Clothing. 

You could say this outfit encompasses all three things from my high school memories. Blazer - Check. Navy on Navy - Check. Backpacks - Check. It is funny how you grow up and the things you once despised and dreaded wearing Monday to Friday, are re-imagined in your adult closet. I swapped my table cloth checked dress for a classic pin stripe, my blazer for one much more tailored and suitable to my body shape & the bag, well the bag got a facelift and came out the other end a gorgeous blush toned leather back pack. Let's just say adult Jasmine has a much cooler uniform.

What in your wardrobe memory has come back around, reimagined & better than ever?

j x


This post was created in collaboration with Max & Co. I can not wait to show you what else we are working on over the next few months.