What a week! I sent off my next print collection to the printers yesterday and today I talking to you about a collaboration of mine that just launched (pinches self!) 

So around August last year I was approached by the lovely ladies Jessica & Jody behind Sydney based brand Nice Martin to work together on something. We knew straight away it would be a dress & it would be their first pattern piece for the brand. I thought of instead just showing you what we created, I wanted to talk you through the process. 



The first step after our first meeting over the phone was for me to create a mood board to make sure we were both on the same page aesthetically. 

Instantly I was inspired by their Loren Jumpsuit. I loved the cut and eyelet detailing and straight away knew that was something I would love to have included in the final piece. 

I then started to think about pattern. Nice Martin is effortlessly cool. It isn't the place to go full-gorman. A non-perfect, textured stripe is what came to mind. 

Colour. We spoke about earthy tones over the phone in our first meeting so I pulled some of my favourites for the first mood board. Khaki won, as it nearly always does in my eyes. 

Shape. I sent sketches of an A-line Mini Dress, Square Neck with eyelets on the front and back to hold wide straps. Something I envisioned to be worn alone, with a tee underneath or layered further in the cooler months. 


From that moment we realised we had the same vision for the collaboration and it was full steam ahead. We decided on a wide khaki/olive green stripe for the pattern and I started to finalise that for them to manufacture. 

From there they worked their magic to bring the dress to reality from sketches and pattern files. Let's just say it turned out exactly like my sketch from seven months ago. 


Shop the Jasmine Dress Here.

can you believe how close my original sketch is to the final dress?



We designed this dress with multiple seasons in mind. The humidity of summer, the in-between indecisive weather of autumn and as it gets cooler into the winter months. So for some inspiration I have listed some of my favourite ways to wear it. 

1. Let it do the talking. Wear it alone.

2. With your favourite white tee.

3. With a fitted light weight knit.

4. With your classic white shirt.

5. Bring it in at the waist with a belt.

6. Where it with statement sleeves. 

Be sure to let me know how you wear it on
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