Cream & Liquid Beauty: In Review

It is no secret that I love cream & liquid products in my makeup routine. I am often most drawn to these types of products so I thought it was about time I went through what is currently in my makeup drawer and reviewed them for you.

Highlighters & Illuminators

Ilia Liquid Light Serum Highlighter $64

This is a product for you if you love either mixing your illuminator with your foundation or applying an illuminating primer. Normally my foundation is a luminous finish so I tend not to use this product all over or add it to my foundation. However if you have a satin to matte foundation this may be perfect to bring the life back into your base. I personally use it on the high points of my face either before or after my base is laid. It looks so beautiful on the skin and doesn’t just sit on top. This product comes in three shades with my favourite being Nova, a soft gold tone. My only wish for the product is the applicator didn’t pump out so much. Not a problem if you’re using it all over but I often waste product if I am just using it smaller areas.

CHARLOTTE TILBURY Beauty Light Wand $60

The light wand definitely nails the colours for a range of skin tones. Being a lighter complexion I find that a lot of the colours run a little deep on me but again, I have so much in the market that I don’t think that is a bad thing. They have a sponge tip applicator which is super easy but I still prefer using my fingers or a light brush so I am not disturbing my base too much. Strong glow.

PERRICONE MD No Makeup Highlighter $54

The tone on this is perfect for me, it is a very light gold and almost appears as just sweat/glowy skin on me. With that being said, I don’t know if this will work for every skin tone. This is definitely a more natural highlighter but for me that works perfectly. It has a doe-foot applicator which makes it easy to apply to those little spots like the brow arch, cupids bow etc. Once applied I normally just tap it in with my finger. Being a liquid formula I also find that it doesn’t remain sticky.

Lilah B. Glisten & Glow Skin Illuminator $92

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. The price. Is the product amazing? yes, no doubt about it. Are you paying a bit for the stunning packaging? I would say yes, no doubt about it. The packaging makes me want to whip this out at events and start putting highlighter all over my face. Now the product…It is a cream but it doesn’t feel wet at all. Once you pick it up with your fingers or a brush it applies almost like a powder without any chalkiness. The colour is definitely a very light gold but the shine is there that I think it would translate on deeper skin tones as well.

MECCA COSMETICA Lit From Within Balm $42

This product is one of my all time favourites, I have been using it so long that the smell brings with it the memory of summer for me. This is definitely a balm product, it feels like a balm and sits like a balm. It truly doesn’t bother me, once I put it down I rarely even notice it. The colour is so divine and it is easy to apply with either your finger or a small stippling brush. Perfect for in your bag for on the go highlighting to freshen up your look.




CLINIQUE, Curvy Contour Cream Stick $42

This product was one of the first ever cream products I tried and I still use it to this day. It is a stick so I wouldn’t recommend applying it directly to your skin if you already have foundation on as it will move things around a little. I recommend taking a synthetic brush (I use a stippling style of brush) and brush over the stick before applying to your face. Personally, I love the colour of this product. It isn’t too warm and almost tinges on the red/brown side which is great to mimic that “out in the sun” appearance without the sun damage. It also lasts forever.

PERRICONE MD No Makeup Bronzer $54

Unlike the Clinique Bronzer, this one is a liquid which you may be even more scared of but with this product you really can’t do too wrong. It is a stunning colour that isn’t too warm and blends so incredibly into your base. No patchiness here. The only down side is the applicator as it differs from their No Makeup Blush & Highlighter and doesn’t include the doe-foot. Either way, I put a little on the back of my hand and use a synthetic brush to apply. You could also use this product in the summer months to deepen your liquid foundation and match your tan.

Blush baby

PERRICONE MR No Makeup Blush $54

In regards to the consistency it it much like its highlighter & bronzer friends. Liquid & super easy to blend. Again it has a doe-foot applicator which I really like for blush but a little goes a long way so just one dot or two dots of it and you’re good to go. Add as you go if it is your first time! The colour is kind of like a terracotta colour. Not orgasm pink, a little peachy but deeper if that makes any sense. It is their only shade in the range but I do think it would work for a great range of skin tones.

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand in Blush $60

Now this is the same product as mentioned in the highlighter section however in the shade Pinkgasm. I don’t think that the shine is as strong as the other shades so if you don’t mind some luminosity in your blush I think you will enjoy this. I would describe the shade a rosy pink shade with a slight pink shimmer. Normally I am not one for any shimmer to appear in my blush but I actually don’t mind it at all. I apply sparingly.

STILA Convertible Color $38

I have bought two shades in these if that is anything to go by. It is a cream set formula which is super easy to blend out. I am currently using Peony on my cheeks using a synthetic brush and once I finish applying to the cheeks I take my brush over my eyelids for the perfect flush. These creams are perfect not only for the cheeks but also for your lips to add a little colour.

Mecca Cosmetica Blush & Highlight Duo $45

This product is a duo cream set that has cream blush & the lit from within balm. I just had to mention this quickly even though it is new because it is great value. They have three different shade blushes to choose from, my favourite being Rose. Super easy to blend even with your fingers so if you are wanting to decrease the size of your make up bag I would recommend giving this product a go!

If you have any products in the cream / liquid category that are a must-try please let me know below.

With Love, Jasmine x

June Journal



Last month we ended with getting ready for my brothers wedding and on June 1 it happened & it was magical. This month was a month of such personal highs for my family and I am truly so happy and grateful for those close to me. I got to eat Botanica for 3 days straight post shoot. Going to the Bolshoi Ballet for the first time was so beautiful and such an inspiring experience. I was able to work with Tourism & Events Queensland on a content project which I am super excited by. Working with tourism from my own home town has always been something I wanted to so I was so proud of the opportunity. I did my first IGTV - even though I had to re-upload 3 times due to my perfectionism I think I did okay. I found the perfect low storage for behind our couch - stay tuned on Instagram to see it when it arrives in July. My invoices were paid prior to June 30. I also reconciled my business bank account prior to June 30 - wildly productive move. I launched my latest print collection this month and I am so happy with how it was received. See the full collection here.


As I said this month had such amazing family highs but it wouldn’t be fair to not be transparent enough to say that I also went through some pretty strong disappointment and anger in my personal life. That kind of trumped all other trivial lows for the month so I will cut this short.


Newly Added Podcasts

Some easy listening financial podcasts are Frugal Forever, The Money (ABC) & She’s On The Money. I have also just subscribed to Approachable, Ladies We Need To Talk & Love Etc.

New Financial Year Moves

I am starting this next financial year getting my financial butt into gear. I would say I am pretty good when it comes to my finances but I want to take it up to another level. In the first week of July I have planned to do the following: Pay my BAS for the last quarter, organise XERO for my tax return, check my business accounts to see how much a saved for taxes vs. how much I actually need to pay (save the rest), work out my yearly business expenses like website, email, accounting, editing software etc, talk to someone about increasing my savings, look into both term deposits and higher interest accounts with different banks, consolidate super and set up direct deposits for chosen one. If you are keen to hear more financial chat on the blog - let me know.

I have a question for you…

What do you want to see more of in the second half of the year? Let me know for instagram, video or blog content!

with love, Jasmine x

How to spend 48 hours in Brisbane

Your guide to where to stay, eat, shop and explore in Brisbane, my home town. The city is changing quite quickly so I thought it was about time I updated a weekend guide for Brisbane.


Where to Stay

It will come to no surprise to anyone who follows me on Instagram but The Calile Hotel in my opinion can’t be beat if you’re looking at where to stay in Brisbane. Not only is it located along a great set of shops & cafes on James St (see further down) but it is arguably one of the most beautiful places I have stayed, period.

Everything in this hotel is designed to perfection so when you’re not out exploring or running around with your phone shooting everything like I was, I would recommend lazing by the pool. Get yourself a lounge chair or cabana (yes, a cabana) and order yourself some drinks & nibbles. Enjoy the good Queensland weather.


what should I plan to do while I am here?

You should roll over to the other side of the bridge for two things. Within walking distance from the city there are two art galleries & performing arts centre(QPAC). Since they are so close to each other I would definitely recommend going to both the Gallery of Modern Art & Queensland Art Gallery. Head across to Julius or Gauge for a bite to eat before seeing a performance at QPAC. Currently the BOLSHOI BALLET is in town from 26 June to 7 July performing both Spartacus & Jewels. Spartacus is a story of a leader of slaves uprising against Roman rule. Jewels is a three-act ballet inspired by the stunning gem stones George Balanchine saw in Van Cleef & Arpels New York jewellery store. Find out more here.

Where to grab a coffee

King Arthur Cafe Greenhaus
Bellissimo Coffee
John Mills Himself

Where To Eat

Greca / Howard Smith Wharves. If you can stay for a long lunch and definitely order the Saganaki cheese

Bens Burgers. Burgers are simple but super tasty.

Nodo Donuts

Botanica. If you’re short on time, pick up a salad & some treats.

Julius. Perfect for some dinner before a show at QPAC.

Gauge. Grab breakfast or lunch before you check out GOMA.



where do I shop?

Silk Laundry
Love Stories
Molten Store
Assembly Label
Gail Sorronda
Natalie Schweitzer
By Baby
Mr. Zimi

Double Double
Dinosaur Designs
Folio Books


This post was created in collaboration with Tourism & Events Queensland

This post was created in collaboration with Tourism & Events Queensland.

With Love, Jasmine x

May Journal



There was a lot of love in the air this month. My oldest friend got married early May which was the perfect excuse to get away to the hinterland for a long weekend. She was the most beautiful bride and it was so special to be there to see her get married to the man of her dreams. A high was definitely waking up, making coffee and sitting in the bay window. Bay windows never get old for me, my next home needs one for sure! Another high was definitely the novelty of eating pizza in bed with beer and watching Project Runway with Michael while wearing robes. Finding a wedding outfit that I loved in time was definitely a plus (ps. if you need ideas - here is a blog post on it) New packaging arrived and it all looked just how I imagined it, ready for the collection launch. New bedding, always a plus. Discovered how good the colour lilac is and proceeded to then see it everywhere!



As always there is a lot of self doubt & anxiety in the lead up to the collection launch. I put myself out there in the hope that others love it as much as I do and that’s probably too much pressure. The Australian election. The fujifilm snapshot disposable cameras being sold out in all of my local stores. Having to do groceries with a sore post-wedding head. I haven’t had much luck with online shopping lately which has led to many returns.

Newly added albums

I have been listening to a couple of new albums on repeat lately. Firstly, IGOR by Tyler the Creator. To be honest I have never listened to any of his music prior to this album but I am really enjoying it. My Favourites are I Think, Running Out Of Time & A Boy Is A Gun. Secondly, I Am Easy To Find from The National. Their previous album Trouble Will Find Me is one of my favourite albums of all time so I am always apprehensive to hear a new album from them. A female vocalist has been added in this album and it is a really beautiful touch. Easy to Find, Not In Kansas & Pull of You are some of my favourites however you can’t go wrong with the whole album. It doesn’t live up to Trouble Will Find Me but it is still pretty damn amazing.


Behind Launching a new collection..

I have been releasing prints of my artworks since 2013. It is something that I began doing from requests and a way that I could make some money on the side while I was at university. It is a process that started from one off lettering commissions, to just lettering collections to what it is today - a full expression of anything creative I want to explore. The process has also got a lot more complex and full on over the years. I started off just printing at a print shop down the road as each order came through, or hand illustrated each one depending on the collection. I shot them right there and then, uploaded to my big cartel at the time and I was done. I laugh to think I was probably still as stressed out at that as I am now. Now there is a lot more that goes into it. This collection took me 1-2 months just to conceive after I had my initial ideas. Then post shooting I go into self doubt overdrive with those thoughts of ‘omg this is shit, you are bad at this’ then a lot of adding and subtracting artworks until the collection looks cohesive and I can no longer stand to look at it. Then comes a couple of weeks of proofing and ordering all new packaging ready for the launch. Once I have approved & have the final proofs, I have to shoot them. Putting them on a plan wall doesn’t cut it anymore. This collection I did 3 days of shooting in different areas of my home so that I have a varied set of images to go live with. Then marketing. Instagram posts are the easiest but I am also creating Instagram Story Tiles, Website Updates, Email Newsletters etc. Once all that is done, I start prepping the packaging for launch. Writing Thank You Cards, putting stickers on the mailing tubes so that the launch can go as seamlessly as possible and orders can go out as quickly as possible. June 2nd She Bloomed By The Ocean went live and I am so so grateful to everyone who has shared, like or purchased a piece for their own. The income from these collections allow me to keep doing what I love everyday and I don’t forget that. You are the reason I get to do what I love. You can view the collection in full here.

With Love, Jasmine x

What To Wear To A Wedding

It is definitely wedding season and we are all stressed about what to wear. I haven’t been to a huge amount of weddings so when I had two in the space of a month I hit the freak-out button and starting looking up what I should wear. All of the ‘Wedding Guest Edits’ I could find didn’t really suit my personal style. A silky body conscious dress is beautiful but just isn’t me. Since it may not be you either, I thought I would write this blog post with ideas on what to wear to your next wedding.

Tips before you start shopping.

Have a look through your closet first. You may not need the whole nine yards. You may already have some nice heels or flats, or a bag that you really love that you have been waiting for an excuse to take out. You may already have an outfit but lacking accessories. You don’t need to buy all new. If you love an outfit, why not wear it again?!

Don’t be intimidated by ‘cocktail’ or ‘smart casual’ dress codes. Think about whose wedding you’re attending, what type of wedding they are having & where it is. If you’re going to their wedding you most likely know what they are like. Look up the venue and see if it is on the beach or a ballroom. As long as you’re not turning up to a ballroom venue looking like you’re going to a beach wedding you’ll be fine.

Willing to spend big for something special? Spend the majority of your budget on the thing that you will be able to wear again. If it is too late for you and you have already splurged, don’t forget you can always pass it onto someone else via eBay or Depop.

Don’t leave it to 2 weeks before the wedding. You will most likely buy things you will never wear again & overspend doing so. Planning is your friend.

Lastly, just keep your personal style in mind. It is easy to sometimes get carried away or just find something last minute that looks ‘dressy enough’. By keeping your personal style in mind you also can avoid buying something that you will only wear once.


Bank account friendly

You don’t need to spend a fortune to feel amazing attending a wedding. If you’re on a budget there is so much that you can do to get the most bang for your buck. For a dress, choose something in a classic shape & colour/pattern. Not only so you can wear it again post-wedding but the more classic the shape and colour the less likely it will look like you’ve got it for a steal. Once you have a base it is time to dress it up. My secret is in vintage bags. Not only are they normally priced under $50 but they are so beautiful and will instantly add interest and elevate your look. You can easily find beaded bags on Etsy or at your local vintage, or even a vintage glomesh bag would be divine. Match your metals with some statement earrings & a hair accessory. If you don’t have some staple black strappy heels, I found some for only $79!

Dress 1 $149 (shop here) / $99 Dress 2 (shop here) Vintage Bag $20-$40 (here & here) Earrings $39 (shop here) Heels $79 (shop here) Hair Tie $8 ( shop here)

BAGS: Vintage, Etsy, Charles & Keith
SHOES: Charles & Keith, ASOS, Jeffery Campbell
DRESS: ASOS, Mango, Zara, Seed, Country Road
JEWELLERY: Jolie & Deen.


Not a dress

I know, florals, groundbreaking but stay with me. Firstly, don’t forget about skirts & trousers for weddings. They are super versatile and can be worn for weddings in all seasons just by a switch of a top. In winter, lean towards a blouse or fitted knit (olivia palermo wedding style) or in summer stick to a silk cami. If the wedding is outside, you may want to think about a chunky heel or flat. Remember that weddings are usually a long affair full of standing and dancing so make sure you’re comfortable in your choice of footwear!

Knit $39 (shop here) Skirt $350 (shop here) Bag $199 (shop here) Headband $40 (shop here) Ivory Heels $79 (shop here) Green Flats $69 (shop here)

SKIRTS Lee Matthews, Zimmermann, Ulla Johnson, Camilla & Marc, Silk Laundry, Sir The Label, Mister Zimi & Anthropologie
TOPS & KNITS: Uniqlo, Bec & Bridge & Scanlan Theodore.


The Summer Wedding

It’s over 35 degrees and you really just want to wear a bikini but the invitation says Smart Casual so I guess that’s a no? If you’re anything like me you just want something that won’t touch your body but also won’t represent a moo moo. The summer maxi is your best friend. I love this option by Matteau because you can wear it all summer long post wedding but the cut and plain colour means you can also elevate it to wedding status. It is all in the accessories. It is time to whip out an interesting bag, earrings or shoes to jazz it up. Going big on the earrings? keep it subtle on the neck & vice versa.

Dress $460 (shop here) Earrings $355 (shop here) Gold Necklace $155 (shop here) White Bag $910 (shop here) Resin Clutch $149 (shop here) Heels $175 (shop here) *ps. I wore these to a wedding and were very comfortable on the first wear.

EASY SUMMER DRESSES: Faithfull The Label, Matteau, Matin, Beaufille, Lee Matthews, Rixo, Mister Zim & Steele.
BAGS: Brie Leon, By Far, Staud, Lucy Folk, Cult Gaia, The Daily Edited, Respiro
JEWELLERY: Kirstin Ash, Lucy Folk, Reliquia, Jasmin Sparrow, Holly Ryan, YCL Jewellery.


She’s Formal but she’s not boring

Where I would be really stumped is if I had a formal formal wedding coming up. I am not really one for traditional formal fabrics like silks etc so for me I would always go for a knife pleat. They instantly dress up a look without having to be shiny. If you have to go formal, inject some of your personality with the colour choice. Go a full monochromatic look or have some fun with mixing colours. Dresses from brands like Self Portrait hold their value pretty well so even though they are pricier, you will be able to sell it after!

Dress One $625 (shop here) Dress Two $350 (shop here) Earrings $182 (shop here) Heels $69 (shop here) Pink Bag $159 (shop here) Red Bag $300 (shop here)

DRESSES: Self Portrait, Fame & Partners, Shona Joy, Talulah, Thurley, Lover, Stine Goya, Cecilie Bahnsen or Zimmermann.
HAIR ACCESSORIES: Lelet NY, Pixie Bows, ASOS, Avenue The Label.
SHOES: Senso, Alias Mae, Miista, By Far

Shop the Wedding Edit

Lastly, if you have found something on your online/in store shopping travels that you think needs a shoutout - add it to the comments. The way I found something perfect is from my audience tagging me in a post so share the love when you find something beautiful or a brand which you think people need to check out!

with love, jasmine