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BARE MINERALS Complexion Rescue. I have been on and off testing this for over a month since it was crowned Face product of the year in the Mecca Beauty Election. So far, I love it. It reminds me of my go-to Clinique Even Better Glow foundation but slightly less coverage. It is in a mousse form so I feel like it more like a tinted moisturiser than liquid foundation which is sometimes nice for no make up days. It leave the skin with a glow and I honestly have no complaints.

ILIA Face Palette. To be honest, I have only been using this for a couple of weeks but the top left hand corner cream blush is my favourite. The depth of the rosy pink in the pan might scare you but it blends like a dream. I have been popping this on my cheeks and over my eye lids all week. 

HOURGLASS Caution Mascara. Caution in deed. When I first tried this product I don't think I was ready for it and it took me a few days to make it work for me. It definitely is volumizing while adding length and curl to my lashes while not smudging throughout the day. For me I think the trick was to not fully coat the brush before applying. I like to build up my lashes a little slower than the fully coated brush allows. If you like high-impact though, you'll love it.

MECCA COSMETICA Lip De-Luscious. This product has been one of my favourite releases from the last couple of months. It is their fan-favourite Lip De-Luscious in stick form. It is an amazing lip balm with a tint of colour to them. I will definitely be repurchasing the Nude shade once mine runs out. 


It has been a few months since I have touched base on the new products I have been testing out lately. So today I am going through some newbies that I have trying out in place of my all time favourites and letting you know how they stack up and if I will be repurchasing. 


TATCHA Water Cream. This is an expensive cream to love so if you don't have $99 to spend, don't even test it. It is so damn beautiful. It looks almost like a lightweight gel formula but once you put it on the skin it actually does feel like water without leaving the skin feel wet. I feel like if you like the Clinique Moisture Surge range you will like this but for nearly twice the price it may not be worth it. I feel like if I am wanting to treat myself, I would definitely re-purchase.  

TATCHA Pearl Tinted Eye Treatment. Again, with Tatcha it is going to set you back but it is pretty damn good. This is the love child of your under eye corrector and eye cream. It is a treatment so it leaves your under eyes feeling delightful but also corrects some of the darkness. On no makeup days I would use this as an under eye concealer but it doesn't have a whole lot of coverage. Sits at $70 but you honestly need the tiniest amount each use. 



BYREDO Velvet Haze. This scent was another winner from the Mecca Beauty Election and I can now see why. It has notes of patchouli, coconut and musk. Anything musk is a winner in my books and I am not mad after adding it to my collection. 

LOVE STORIES April Morning. Once again, musk, I just can't get enough. This scent smells a little deeper to me with notes of incense, sandal wood, wild flowers and a touch of pepper. As soon as I can get my hands on a full bottle, I will be purchasing. 

While these products have been gifted to me, I have no obligation to promote or talk favourably about any of the above. These are my own opinions as always. 

Join the conversation and let us beauty lovers know what products you've been loving lately in the comments. J x




Overall, July was an really good month. One of the highlights was definitely celebrating Michael's 30th Birthday. We went to one of our favourite places Mrs Browns with a bunch of his friends and I enjoyed a lot of rose! (I even met a few of you there). He also had some time off towards the end of the month which meant I took some days off and we headed up to the Sunshine Coast for a little break. I have been going to the Sunshine Coast nearly every holiday since I was born as well as some weekends when my dad lived at Coolum so going back up there always makes me feel at home. Flowerlovers got in a whole selection of dried flowers which I went crazy for. His & Hers Japan sold out within hours and then pre-orders flooded in which we are both so blown away and grateful for. August was also my first month working with Country Road Home, a brand I have been wanting to work with for ages now. One of my artworks also got on the cover of Real Living's august issue. My Nespresso order arrived just as I ran out. The Question Feature came out on Stories and made life a touch easier. 

Multi_gingham Cap-2.JPG


To be honest, I didn't do a lot of shopping this month due to Michael's Birthday and being away for 5 days (I spent a lot on food though) 
- Georgia Perry Earrings (shop here)
- Avenue Gingham Cap (shop here)
- Lee Matthews Skirt (shop here)


The Teacher's Pet - Podcast
Mallrat - In The Sky Album


There was huge delays with my hard drive being delivered so I ended up cancelling my order so my storage problem is still not fixed. We also are looking to move from our lease early September and so far the hunt for a new place has been really draining. Working from home means my home brings me stability and with that being in limbo and up in the air I feel under pressure and quite anxious about it. Also this month something weird happened with my contraceptive pill where I had asked my doctor to change my pill 6 months ago only to find out from a new doctor that they just gave me the same pill ingredients under a different brand. Also had rude and mean DM's for the first time in a while after increasing how much I post.  



I don't know if I learnt this but it's definitely I have been working on this month but to try to feel proud of myself and my work. So often I don't take a second to even feel good about the work or opportunities that I am getting or once I have them, I am onto the next thing or scared to acknowledge it incase it is taken away or doesn't happen like I thought it was. 


My goal for this month is to not break down, no, but seriously I really want to aim to let shit be this month. I already know that it is going to be uncomfortable and busy due to not only my birthday (Aug 17) but my brothers and trying to find somewhere to move and possibly moving. I don't want to keep getting myself worked up over "perfect" houses that go before I even get to inspect them, the fear that nothing will come up, the anxiety around the time I will spend inspecting, looking, moving and not working. Hopefully by this time next month, all will be okay and restored to somewhat routine. I do believe that the universe will give me the right place at the right time and if not then maybe we shouldn't be moving. I just need to trust in that. 

How was your July and how are you looking moving into August?

jasmine x





First of all you need to be able to identify what is stopping you from being productive. It is very rare that I will procrastinate throughout the day because to be honest I just really fucking love my work. But when I am not being productive, it is normally because one of the following reasons: I don't feel confident in the task, I am second guessing myself, it's a part of my job that I don't enjoy or it is a time of the day where I am wrecked.  


Sometimes we misuse our time for things that don't really matter to us/our business so this is where it helps to make your priorities clear. Is emails at the top of your list, your customers, your admin, or creating? For me I know that my customers and current clients come before everything else. That means that all of their work is completed before I look at social media, personal work/content or future emails etc. This helps to give yourself a clear guide on how you should be allocating your time.


I think the longer that you work for yourself or study, the easier it is to be aware of how you work and what affects you. Pay attention to what times of the day you work best, in what environment, do you work better at a cafe or in a communal space, do you need music playing or does that distract you? Spend some time thinking about that and if what you're doing currently isn't working for you switch it up. That might mean not sitting at a desk from 9-5 because 'that's what people who work do' Try working at night instead or only sit at your desk when you have productive work to complete. 


You'll start to notice pretty quickly what times of the day you're most productive. Utilise those by having clear objectives during those times of the day. In the times where you're brain moves a little slower, do activities that take the pressure off. I find that I hit a wall mid-afternoon so I will either push my lunch back till then or go for a walk.


(If you can that is. You can't eliminate your children or the fact that your fridge is close by) That might mean putting your phone in another room, noise cancelling ear phones, not listening to talking/songs while writing copy or emails. 


Sometimes work can become overwhelming and you can find yourself procrastinating easily. I personally find lists to be the best way to break it all down into actionable steps that make even the daunting tasks seem easy enough to tackle. Instead of just "EMAILS" write Email back _____, Send Quote through to _____, Follow up on invoice _____ . This way you will tick things off a lot quicker and feel like you're actually getting somewhere. 


If you can, do the thing you are likely to put off doing first. Once you get that one thing out of the way the other tasks in your day might seem a lot easier to accomplish. For me that can be chasing up an invoice, or doing my taxes. These are the things that I can often leave to the end of the day and therefore not get done and roll over onto another day. 



I love my post-its. I often put them onto the front of my desktop for notes to myself that would otherwise slip my mind. It also helps me get those things done quickly because they make my desk look messier than I'd like. 

What are your best tips on staying productive? j x



Time to get slightly more personal over on the blog. For years I have documented outfits, travel and also given lots of advice and spoken my mind on many different topics but one thing I felt was lacking lately was blogging in its purest form - journaling. So from now on I want to post one journal monthly that goes into my month. The highs, the lows, the lessons and directions moving into next month. Hope you enjoy them. 


My new rubber ficus plant for sure makes the cut. New music from loads of different people also made my month with some of my favourites being; Ghost Town & Violent Crimes by Kanye West, Free by Kid Cudi, IUD & Can U Not by Okay Kaya. Saving a silk skirt after I spilt coffee all over it. The weather being cold enough to wear sweaters. Finally finding the perfect khaki linen cushions after searching for months (find here) Finally watching the Handmaids Tale. Spending the day with Michael at Mt Tamborine. Getting the perfect gingham jumpsuit tailored so it fits like a glove. Finding new inspiration by other photography shoot ideas failing. New leaves on my fiddle leaf plants. Started attempting to run again.

I had a huge month of projects finally being launched like some design work for NIKE Australia, Brisbane City marketing campaign and lots of branding work wrapping up (See more here). Having all clients pay on time (freelancers you will know this isn't always the case) This month I also begun discussion with a team to help me with my brand partnerships which is super exciting and different for me. 




Getting my wisdom teeth out was expensive and painful and I'm super glad I don't have to do it again. Having to get my finances in order for the end of financial year. Spilling coffee all over a silk skirt. I had an idea for a photography shoot and went and bought all of this stuff and it didn't work out like what I had imagined in my head*. The home we are renting selling to a developer that will tear it down for units. Not being able to work out how to take a good mirror outfit shot - give me your tips. Constantly being asked to quote on projects that have no brief or direction to quote on. Wisdom teeth meant I stopped running for a week and got off the bandwagon. My phone & external hard drive becoming full in the same week. 


* Don't get so caught up on the vision that you have in your head and let the process happen. Sometimes within the first 5 minutes of shooting I can become irritated that it doesn't look 'right' or what I had in my head. I have to remember that actually moving through the process with shooting (like any other creativity) it gets better with time, and if not it will still add to future shooting. Some of my favourite personal photos actually happen just before I pack up everything. 


Next month already shaping up to be full on. We have Michael's 30th so I will hopefully taking a week off to spend by the sea with him towards the end of July. I also really want to up my Instagram Story game. I feel like I story a lot but could definitely plan for some more interesting content on that front. Get back on running bandwagon. What are your goals for next month? j x



I often get questions about what magazines I recommend, especially after I post any of my mood boards in Instagram. Magazines are really dependant on your personal taste and there isn't any one magazine that is going to fill you up with all the visual inspiration you're searching for.

My first suggestion before running around and grabbing the below is to head to your nearest newsagents and pick up the magazines that they only stock 1 or 2 of. Flick through and if you like what you see, perfect. Not only will you be supporting smaller magazine publishers but I find they always have the best stuff. Note that I don't really buy magazines to shop from or to read most of the time. I just want visual stimulation. 



RUSSH Australia

OYSTER Magazine



JANE Magazine

LULU Magazine

LOVE Magazine

PURPLE Magazine


BARE Journal

SICKY Magazine

Dazed & Confused


SLEEK Magazine



i-D Magazine

Darling Magazine


List your favourites in the comments so I can check them out too! j x