I often get questions about what magazines I recommend, especially after I post any of my mood boards in Instagram. Magazines are really dependant on your personal taste and there isn't any one magazine that is going to fill you up with all the visual inspiration you're searching for.

My first suggestion before running around and grabbing the below is to head to your nearest newsagents and pick up the magazines that they only stock 1 or 2 of. Flick through and if you like what you see, perfect. Not only will you be supporting smaller magazine publishers but I find they always have the best stuff. Note that I don't really buy magazines to shop from or to read most of the time. I just want visual stimulation. 




RUSSH Australia

OYSTER Magazine



JANE Magazine

LULU Magazine

LOVE Magazine

PURPLE Magazine


BARE Journal

SICKY Magazine

Dazed & Confused


SLEEK Magazine



i-D Magazine

Darling Magazine



List your favourites in the comments so I can check them out too! j x




I am back to gather my beauty favourites from the last month or so and let you know what is standing out amongst the chaotic collection of products on my vanity. 

Let's start with Skin.

Highlights definitely for the month start with one of my new favourites, Clinique's Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm. Whenever Clinique comes up, this is always a crowd favourite but for some reason I only tried it for the first time in the last month. If you want a cleanser that takes all your make-up off without any troubles or stripping your skin - this is one you might enjoy. Especially in winter I think this will be a keeper because it is super gentle on dry skin.  

Honourable mentions also need to go to the Go-To Skin Transformazing Sheet Masks - These are great for a quick hit of hydration and lots of serum in the packet to use on your décolletage and neck which is a bonus. Also for dry hands in the winter I have been loving the Lush Cosmetics Cuticle Butter!


In order of application let's start with the Clinique Beyond Perfecting Concealer, it is high coverage but doesn't feel heavy. I don't like a concealer to be too matte as I use a luminous foundation so this has the perfect balance between luminous but not slippery or greasy looking. It claims to wear well for 24 hours but to be honest, I am not one to wear makeup for that long to try it out. 

For the next product I have to disclaim that I have only been using this the last 3 days but I already am so damn obsessed. I know I have said this thousands of times but I don't like my base to look matte. But my problem always was that I wanted to still set my skin in place. If you have the same problem I would suggest giving the new Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder a go. It sets your base in place without leaving a white cast, or drying out the skin. The matching brush is beautiful and soft but not necessary unless you're wanting to treat yo' self. 

If you saw my stories around a month ago trying the Mecca Max Banana Bake Skin Powder you know this product is basically magic for under eye bags. It pretty much eliminates any shadow or darkness under the eye and completely brightens the area. Use lightly to avoid any heaviness under the eye though. 

Now I can't talk about the last month of makeup without discussing the NARS x ERDEM collection. No doubt, the packaging is the star of the show but there are also a few gems that will be making an impression on my makeup vanity. The blush in Loves Me Not is so beautiful on fair skin because it isn't too vibrant but also because it carries a slight luminosity to it. The shade Loves Me if you have a tan or deep skin tone though. Then there is the Lip Shadow Palette... Is it the quickest, easiest thing to apply? no but the colours and effect it creates makes it worth it. You can not only mix to create your desired shade but it leaves a soft, matte finish on the lips. If you're not into a matte lip or are time poor when it comes to doing your make up though this may not be the product for you. 

If you are someone who loves a matte lip but needs something quick and easy to apply I would suggest trying out the Powermatte Lip Pigments by NARS. They are super comfortable and opaque on the first swipe. I personally am loving the shade Hot Blooded for a terracotta red lip.  



A quick reminder that I am not a makeup/skin expert I am just a lucky girl who gets sent a lot of things to try and want to share my thoughts with you guys. Let me know if you have tried any of the products above or what your favourites are at the moment. Love always, jasmine x

This blog post was not sponsored and all opinions (as always) are my own. 




Let me preface this blog post saying that I can not take any credit for the gem locations which we have stayed in on our trips. I am the type that doesn't want to know anything about anything before the trip begins, which is fortunate because my partner Michael loves the researching and planning side of it (most of the time). But after 3 overseas trips I think there is some method to his madness and some cheats along the way so I may as well share. 


I would say that it depends where you're going and for how long.

LESS THAN 2 NIGHTS, Hotel it up. Hotels for me have a couple of things going for them, simplicity and ease. You know 100% what you're going to get. You can get someone to bring you fries at 11PM, Leave your luggage at the desk on check out day, wear a robe. Those things are helpful on short trips but what they lack mean I wouldn't stay for over 2 nights. 

MORE THAN 2 NIGHTS, Air Bnb all the way. When we travel, we like to spend more than 2 days so we 95% of the time choose the Air Bnb life. It has lots of advantages but two big ones stand out to me. You're able to vacation how someone else lives, they have their own artworks, books and local recommendations that aren't out of a sponsored tour guide. The second major advantage is the likely hood of having both a reasonable kitchen and laundry. Especially if you're travelling for a while, there is nothing better than being able to cook your own food. 



Open up google maps. If some of your favourite brands have locations in your travel destination then pin point those on the map and save them. Do the same with any cafes/stores that you have heard of that you want to visit while you're there. Once you have done this your map will have some areas that have more clusters of those places than others. That is where you should start looking for accommodation. 

In all of the locations we have stayed in around the world there were a few things that we were always close to. First up, Aesop. I think this is the most trustworthy guide as to where to stay. If you're near an Aesop you're very likely in a good spot. A few others that I remember are Saturday's NYC, APC and Acne Studios. 



This list will help you sift through Air Bnb's real fast. Of course beds are a given but also think about things like if you need a bath, an oven, if you want the walk-up experience in NY, if you need a window in Paris. All those types of things. 

For example a Window/Balcony situation in Paris was one of my non-negotiables. But other than that I need lots of natural light, Coffee machine or coffee shop within steps of the place.



This is one of my favourite things about renting an apartment or house. I believe that homes strongly represent how we live and what is important to different cultures and to me it's so nice to experience that when travelling. The little things like sleeping on Tatami Mats in Kyoto, Staying in a Monastery in Positano or our 600 year old updated apartment in Rome. Those places made our trip so special. 


~ Read the reviews but use your common sense when doing so. I have read so many 'negative' reviews that are really complaining about things that I didn't find to be true, or things that don't even bother me. I have never had an experience where something went wrong at an air bnb and the host didn't fix it or help. Take note of the reviews that discuss the location and cleanliness. 

~ If you're on a budget, Air Bnb is the way to go. You get a lot more for your money than you would staying at hotels. Normally for our trips we give budgets to different locations. For example you may find an amazing place in Paris which means you might need to have a lower budget in Rome. 

~ If you are only staying for a short amount of time or just love the hotel life, I would recommend finding a boutique hotel in your destination. They are often full of personality and quirks that you are less likely to find in the big chains. 

As much as you're probably thinking this blog post was sponsored by Air Bnb, it isn't, we just use it a lot. If you have any gem apartments or hotels you've stayed in, add them to the comments below.

jasmine x



GOOD FOOD or the ocean,

Most kids would agree, your mum singing really loud is always embarrassing but now I totally get it. I can sing a lot without embarrassing anyone because I am home alone so much so that is a plus. The other thing that cures it all is the ocean. I grew up spending every school holiday at the beach so the ocean for me will always be somewhere that my stress or anxieties don't follow. 


I can't pin point a time where my mother ever told me this or corrected me but this is something I definitely think I got from her. Perhaps because I never saw her acting that way and instead I always observed her talking about things she was passionate about/ had knowledge on or was curious about. Let's just say I am glad for this one. 


Again, this isn't something that my mum has ever said to me but thinking back on it I can never think of a time where I have heard my mum speak negatively around food. Her approach to eating and food is that it should taste good and you should enjoy the process of eating it. I am not talking about junk food, I am talking about good food. 


Ever since I can remember my mum has been in control of her money. From when she didn't have to, to when she did. This influences my relationship with my finances quite early on. Memories like making my own lunch and hiding my tuckshop money in my drawers as a form of saving, or keeping all of my holiday money until the last few days so I made sure I spent it on something I really wanted. Fast forward to now running my own business for the past 5 years, making sure I had enough to pay myself, save and pay all the different taxes I need to. This is one thing I learnt from my mum that I am incredibly grateful for. 


Mum I love you but this is a good and a bad one. As much as this meant I grew up to have a very strong work ethic this also means we are more susceptible to being used, worn out or taken advantage of. Someone else makes a mistake? That's fine I will fix it, all good. *me every week* 


To be honest, my mum is up for most festive occasions but Christmas gets taken to another level. One year I counted 4 Christmas trees ranging in style and size. As much as she kills the decorating game (I would describe her Christmas style as rustic Christmas) I think it is the creating the atmosphere is really what rubs off on me. It's about creating a day that is full of food, pimms, music and games. We do a sit down late lunch but everything else is super easy and laid back after all the food has been cooked. 


All I am saying is I don't think it is a coincidence that all of her children moved out and always have garlic infused olive oil in their pantry? Thanks mum for making some expensive olive oil a nessessity. 


I think I grew up always loving clothes and I think my mum would contest to that. The one thing that I think has been passed down from observing my mum, is how clothes made her feel. Her whole demeanour changes. I think that made me appreciate the joy that dressing can bring. On the other hand my mum has always instilled a strong focus on working out what suits you. It doesn't matter about sizes as long as it fits your body well and makes you feel amazing in it. 

I know this post was a bit of a love fest for my mum but she honestly is the best so she deserves some internet love. I'd love to know what you got from your mum? j x



This weekend I took on the dreaded task of cleansing my closet. It is something I have a love/hate relationship with but it always feels like a good time to do it when you're in between seasons changing. In Australia at the moment we are in late Autumn but in Queensland it hasn't really even reached jacket weather. 

I thought to give myself a little more structure to not only keep a method to the madness but also keep myself accountable I would publish a guide on how to tackle a closet crisis. 



Before beginning, get it all in front of you. I am talking bags, shoes, clothes it all and write off the next 3 hours. 


List why you like these items. How to they make you feel, how often can you where them? What shape/colour/fabric are they? This will help you define your personal style and what you should be demanding from the rest of your wardrobe. 

Mine currently are my Acne Leather Jacket, White Tee, Striped Midi Skirt, Polka dot dress, my pink mohair coat. I noticed that all these pieces I feel have a focus on cut and fit to my shape which in return means I find them extremely comfortable. This list also shows that my style is feminine with a slight edge, while being quite relaxed. 



Now that you know why you like your favourite pieces, define some questions that will help you put the rest of your items to the test. Do your pieces need to have a focus on trend or cut or comfort? Does the colour match in with other tones you wear? Can you wear it with at least 3 different outfits?

My closet questions are: Are you comfortable in it? Is the cut/fit flattering to you (if not, can it be altered)? Does it go with at least 3 different looks? If it's a top - Can it be worn with high waisted skirt or pants? Because let's be honest that is mainly what I wear. Does it make you feel either pretty, bad ass, festive or chill? (I normally dress for one of those 4 vibes). 



Take a step back after you have culled everything that didn't meet at least 75% of your requirements in Step Two. What are you left with? Look at how many tops, dresses, pants, skirts & outerwear you're left with. I am sure you're not sitting equal across the board. Write it down if you need to, this will help with the last two steps. 

My analysis is.. Tops: 10%, most of those are t-shirts. 50% Skirts, a lot of printed skirts. 2.5% Pants. 15% Dresses, mostly coloured dresses, 10% Knits and 12.5% Outerwear. 


If you never wear dresses, having a low dress percentage isn't going to be a worry. So look at your numbers for each and see if that is representative of what you wear. 

For me a 2.5% pants doesn't really bother me too much because let's be honest I don't like to wear pants that much. The area that is alarming me is my tops percentage. I have known this for a while but that's definitely something I need to work on. 



We all have our weaknesses when it comes to purchasing things we don't need. Define what those weaknesses are and what you certainly don't need any more of in your wardrobe. 

List of Things Jasmine Can't Buy: Printed or Bright Skirts, Blazers, Short Jackets, Bright Coloured Dresses or Heavy Chunky Knits.



Start with the area of your closet that you have identified as abnormally low. Also ask yourself in what situations you find it hard to choose something to wear. The combination of those two questions will help you fill the gaps in your closet. But don't forget to go back to Step Two and ask yourself those same questions when deciding on a new purchase. 

List of Things Jasmine Can Buy: 
Tops. I need to find styles of tops that are slightly dressier than T-Shirts that also go well with high waisted/fuller skirts or pants.

Lightweight Knits. Lightweight knits that can be tucked in or worn over high waisted bottoms, also good for layering.  

Lightweight trench. Because I feel like it is a staple that I am missing. Call me out in the comments if I am wrong. 

Single neutral toned skirt or dresses. Stick to white/black or nude tones to match back with the rest of my closet.

Shoes. Fun Fact - I hate shoes. I hate shoe shopping therefore I have hardly any shoes. I need to get over this. Please leave your favourite shoe suggestions in the comments. I need help. 



I would love to know what's on your no-buy list and what your closet has been missing below in the comments.
If you follow me on stories and you see me unboxing one of my no-buys you have to call me out haha. 

jasmine x