Shot by Michael John Hughes

Wearing; Max & Co Pinstripe Skirt & Bag / Ellery Blazer / Assembly Label Everyday tee

The other day I was scrolling online stores when I came across designer rainbow knee high socks. Yes, the kind you wore in primary school (possibly with toe hoes). This was one fashion memory that I wished had stayed deep, deep down & not resurfaced while online shopping. 

So that got me thinking about Nostalgia & Clothing. 

You could say this outfit encompasses all three things from my high school memories. Blazer - Check. Navy on Navy - Check. Backpacks - Check. It is funny how you grow up and the things you once despised and dreaded wearing Monday to Friday, are re-imagined in your adult closet. I swapped my table cloth checked dress for a classic pin stripe, my blazer for one much more tailored and suitable to my body shape & the bag, well the bag got a facelift and came out the other end a gorgeous blush toned leather back pack. Let's just say adult Jasmine has a much cooler uniform.

What in your wardrobe memory has come back around, reimagined & better than ever?

j x


This post was created in collaboration with Max & Co. I can not wait to show you what else we are working on over the next few months.