The trend of Metallics is definitely here for another season but I do think it is a trend that scares a shopper. Of course we are drawn to anything shiny in store but then put it back thinking you won't be able to pull it off. So today I thought I would talk it out, how to wear metallics without looking like the Tin Man (unless that was what you were going for, in that case wear all of this and more)


Accessories, Always & Forever. 
This is the fool-proof way to introduce something shiny into your life. A metallic accessory is your cheat item to dress up any outfit. Think shoes & bags. It may not be your everyday hand bag so you can have some fun with a clutch, micro-bag (that doesn't fit anything you need for everyday) or go a backpack because hey, they are already a fun bag.  

Keep it simple
Let the metallic do all the talking. You don't need to be shouting over the top of the metallic with extra embellishments.
This will also mean that the metallic will read more modern than OOT. 


Now you have your metallic pieces, how will you wear them? 

When looking at my new shiny silver, all I am thinking is "I have to wear blue denim" so I have listed how I will wear mine in the hope you will not fear metallic this season

1. White Tee, Medium Rinse Blue Denim Skirt, Max & Co Backpack in Silver
2. Slip dress of any colour & Max & Co Silver Boots
3. Black frayed jeans, white shirt & Max & Co Silver Boots
4. White on White get up with the Max & Co Golden Sandal (Sunkissed skin optional)
5. Pink silky or pleated skirt, Oversized Tan Knit & Max & Co Golden Sandal
6. Black Denim, Long trench & Max & Co Silver Boots poking out the bottom
7. White Shirt Dress & Max & Co Backpack in Silver
8. Vintage Denim, Blazer (recently found one with silver stars that would be perfect) & the Max & Co Silver Boots
9. White Midi Skirt, Grey Tee, Denim Jacket &  Max & Co Backpack in Silver
10. If I am feeling it, I may do double metallic with a silver pleated skirt, Max & Co Silver Boots and a black silk tee. 




jasmine x

This post was created in collaboration with Max & Co x