Thanksgiving Day Parade
 Thanksgiving Day Parade
China Town Street Market
Chelsea Highline / Guggenheim 
5th Av
 Madman Expresso / Christmas Trees

Rockerfeller Centre
Top of the Rock

Central Park

Soho / Subway
Times Square

All shot by the very talented Michael Hughes 

After a big week of non-stop working I have finally made the time to write my travel diary for the beautiful state of New York. It helps that I have a brand new computer to keep motivated. An iMac & Macbook Pro later I thought it was time to spend my hard earned money and upgrade with a new retina display Macbook Pro. It is divine and well worth being broke for (and it's a business expense right?!)

These photos taken by the lovely Michael are definitely my favourites from the whole trip. I was so over the moon with how they turned out and they brought back every feeling of being in such an insane place. We were based in Manhattan for our time in New York, first staying out the Ace Hotel, then moving to an apartment in the East Village for the rest of our time there. As I said in my last post I highly recommend Air bnb and as for New York the East Village was perfect. It was walkable distance to Soho & Nolita and the quickest subway ride to anywhere else. My brisbane-public-transport self was in quite a shock.

New York though, I don't think I have one bad thing to say about it. I did however realise a few things about myself in this city. I realised I was really shy & passive, not that I am really out going here, but the city and it's hustle did make me retreat a little bit. I also realised I am really not interested in animals in museums. Even though The Museum of Natural History was on Michaels must-do's I didn't think I would be that dis-interested. I couldn't understand the fun in taking photos with stuffed animals. However the Museum's rock & crystal room was to die for. Oh and I also learnt not to stare and to stop asking for the bathrooms, they have no idea what you are saying.

Anyway, it was I think day 3 or 4 that I fell in love. It was an afternoon where we had just moved into our East Village apartment and we strolling the streets when we stubbled across Soho. This was when I discovered my favourite thing to do while in NY.

Explore the streets - my ultimate favourite would be Soho, Nolita & Chelsea. I am a sucker for the cobble stone streets.
Le Pain Quotidien - My favourite breakfast. I highly recommend going there and getting a little bit of everything, including a selection of different breads and jams - PERFECTION.
Chelsea Highline - Touristy but worth it
Brooklyn Flea - Amazing vintage, jewellery & yummy food stalls
Stumpdown Coffee - There is one outside Ace Hotel NY and has amazing coffee
Ciao for Now - a little cafe in the East Village with adorable interior and killer pancakes
Mercer Kitchen - If you don't mind a wait, their breakfast menu is pretty delicious
Strand Bookstore - For all your nerdy needs
Anthropologie - Probably my favourite store from the whole trip. The accessories they hold are so on point. From a felt/knit fedora to beaded clutches and handmade note pads. It had me written all over it.
All the parks - If you go around december you have to check out the Christmas Markets that fill most of them, but if not just go to stalk the squirrels.
The Guggenheim - One of my favourite spaces - beat MoMA for me.
Saturday by Kate Spade store - for fun, clean & wearable fashion.
The Whispering Wall in Grand Central - I couldn't believe it worked when Michael stood in opposite corners of the room and I could hear his whispers
Centre of Photography - I must admit I nearly enjoyed it as much as Michael (which is tough)
The Rockefeller Building - I can't recommend this enough probably the best touristy thing we did in NY

Even though we did a long list of touristy things, they were exactly how I imagined them and nothing more. The things that really I will treasure forever is exploring this city for what it was. Not the famous pictures you have seen 1000 times already. You really have to step away from a jam packed itinerary and let the city lead you.

I have probably missed a huge chunk of things, but I think this post is way long enough. I have a large handful of outfit posts to come, which are easily my favourite outfit shoots ever taken so I will be sure to add anything in them that I have forgotten.

jasmine x