Shot by the talented Michael Hughes

Tank by Chip Chop Fashion // Dress by Three of Something // Beaded Clutch by Anthropologie

What else is there to do on a Sunday but eat breakfast out and lounge around? Yesterday was a ridiculously warm day up in Brisbane so waking up this morning to see the clouds covering the sky I was kinda excited for a cooler day. Of course as soon as we started shooting around mid-day the clouds opened up and the sun brought the heat, so we shot as quickly as we could to retreat back to aircon.

Enough about the weather. Recently I have struggled so badly to find skirts that I like as they are always jersey, asymmetrical wrap skirts or faux leather. So with my shortage of skirt supply I have resorted to dresses then layering tanks over them which is fine by me. This Three of Something dress has appeared on here before for it's vibrance and texture and today it's on here for the same reason. Keeping with the citrus tones is this fun tank by Chip Chop Fashion. Honestly this brand could not be more fun. From a watermelon clutch to cute saying tanks and plates, what could be next?! The knotting up of this tank though made for an awkward moment when a waiter at breakfast asked what it said, and after not hearing him properly for the first 3 times he asked and the help of some hand movements I finally answered. 

Anyway, the rest of my sunday looks like raspberry frappes and the creating of business cards. Ps. I have hand lettered a new logo for myself, thoughts?

jasmine x