Shot by the very talented Michael Hughes

Everyone is probably in shock to see my heart & soul KW sunglasses absent this week. I normally do not stray away too much with sunglasses sticking to my KW's but to be honest this pair by ROC eyewear I absolutely love. I wasn't sure at first about the reflective lens trend but I am now a convert. These glasses are all types of fun, and great to switch up from the usual tort shell. My second love of the week is by Three of Something. I must admit the reason I fell in love with this dress is that it reminds me of a short casual version of my formal dress. It doesn't feel that long ago (2009!) that we fussed a whole year over the one over rated night that was the high school formal. Oh the joys of an all girls school. But to this day I still adore my dress I wore that night, sometimes even bringing it out of it's dry cleaning bag just to walk around the house. The neck being high but narrow, the back being low and thin - this Three of Something dress nailed everything I loved about that dress. Only I can wear this dress any day of the week. 

Anyway I am off to the seaside with my family this week, I am so looking forward to getting away and relaxing a bit after a crazy few months. 

jasmine x