Going through these images made me sad & really happy. I probably didn't imagine how much of an impact Positano had made on me until I started to put together this imagery and think back on our time there. 

We arrived ready to get our swimmers on and my pasty skin was ready for some sun. Positano had other plans for us and turned on the rain & storms for us for the first 3 days. But to be honest this was probably the best stop on our trip for this to happen. I could have been locked up in this place for a month (with coffee) if I had to. To think most people experience Positano in its summer glory, I loved rainy Positano. The low cloud covering the mountain tops above and leaving Positano below looking very magical. 


For our stay in the Almalfi Coast we stayed in Positano. Keep in mind everything here is vertical. Our apartment was higher up which meant we had stunning views & a walk that was equivalent to 23 stories from the beach. That didn't worry me as we were enjoying 3 course meals & it lessened any guilt.


For our time in Positano we stayed in what used to be a part of an old monastery. 
(You can find the apartment here) *This listing is currently unavailable
Our AirBnb in Positano was one of my favourites. It was so private with a huge balcony that meant you could look down to Positano below or up to huge mountains towering above. Since we were slightly unlucky with weather during our stay, this was the perfect place to stay inside in. The bed was something made for royalty so we stayed in and cooked baguette over the gas stove top and drank coffee.



Ristorante da Vincenzo
Go here for lunch & dinner. We went back 3 times because there was that much on the menu that we wanted to eat.

Casa E Bottega
Go here for panini's & their juices. Stunning interior & an all female force. There is no kitchen, the home-style kitchen is in the sitting area so you can watch your food being prepared. This place instantly made me think of my mum. 

Lemon Sorbet in an actual lemon
If you walk down to near where the ferry leaves, and before the ferry kiosks there is a restaurant that also sells gelato. Go inside though and in a fridge they have lemon gelato served in an actual lemon & it is the greatest thing ever.



Go to Capri
For this I would 100% recommend doing one of the day tours with one of the boat companies. The one we went with was 65 Euro pp. where you are on a stunning boat with 4 other couples and it was really nice and private. You get to tour the sights as you go to capri and on the return. When the ferry alone is 20 EURO pp per trip, so 40 EURO when you factor getting back to Positano and that isn't even seeing anything. Then if you wanted to see any of the Grotta's then you would have to pay for another trip once you get to Capri. So research before you go and book one of the boats. 

Notice the little things
This couldn't be more true for Positano. It is all in the details in Positano. The fact that instead of putting vertical bars on windows or over doors, they make absolutely stunning steel patterns had me stopping to take pictures of people's houses every 5 seconds. Their architecture and windows also made my trip. I remember sitting on the deck and looking at all the houses across and down the mountain. There was one that would look possibly like a dungeon to most. It was like a cement block in the distance but it had this huge glass front arched window. I was in love. I made sure to find it in my view everyday.

Go to a convenience store
This ain't no 7/11. This is where your bread, antipasto & cheese dreams come true. Buy everything that looks amazing, pick up a bottle (or two) of wine and sit on your balcony and take in Positano.  

Just eat, wear natural fibres & relax. That is what this place is made for. 


jasmine x