Bedding Pictured: Yo Home Double Sided White/Teal Duvet, Sheridan Pink Abbotson Pillowcases & White sheet set

Now as anyone following me on social media would know, I have been all about monochromatic bedding for probably the last 3 years. It was time for a change of the colourful kind. Now I already had a few blush elements that had been creeping in over the last 6 months but I did something I didn't think I would do. I got this emerald/teal duvet cover by Yo Home. It is even a step away from my go-to linen fabrication, this time I have gone bamboo. It is so damn soft & sustainable. This teal duvet is not as scary as that sounds considering this one is white on the other side (for those flat lays - duh!) 

If you're in the same boat & getting over everything black, white & grey you don't need to run out and buy all new bedding. There are some super easy ways to transition to getting colour back into the bedroom:

  • The easiest thing to do to add colour to your bedroom interior is buying blooms or plants
  • Just change two of your pillowcases to a colour
  • Add a coloured throw and you're in business

Some of my favourite brands for finding amazing bedding are; Kip & Co, Yo Home, Sheridan, Linen Shed, In Bed StoreGorman