Shot by the talented Michael John Hughes

Leather by Decjuba
Lace by Zimmermann
Line Earrings by Holly Ryan

Okay, there is actually two L words everyone needs in their wardrobes - Leather (or faux) and Lace. I also feel like these are two things that I am willing to invest in.

For as long as I can remember I have been in awe of good cotton laces fabrics. My mum always had a box of the most lovely vintage lace fabrics that stole my heart. So as a teenager I convinced my mum many times to help me pattern up and sew my own pieces which meant many trips to the fabric store. There is where I learnt how much a good quality lace is worth in fabric alone - that magical woven ain't cheap. 

Now Zimmermann is one Australian brand that nails lace every time. As soon as I saw this piece I knew I had to make it mine somehow. Luckily Michael made it mine for my birthday and after a quick trip to a tailor (snap chatters would know the story) it was perfect. 

I think the magic about this skirt is that it can easily be dressed up or down. Whip out any tee/singlet and your done for the day or casual night..or dress it up with something silky for something more special. Today I chose a singlet and leather, because I wasn't feeling like being ultra feminine. 


jasmine x