Shot by the talented Michael John Hughes

So earlier this year I was asked if I wanted to jump on board for the Moochi style set for 2015... I was so excited to explore the fashion world of designing as a new creative outlet. My insides screamed 'yes yes yes' before even thinking about it. Then my more pessimistic insides thought 'what if this turns out nothing like I want, or would ever wear, is this too good to be true, what will the restrictions be on me? After confirming that I would listen to my more optimistic side I knew pretty much straight away what I wanted to design.

I wanted to create the dress I have been on the hunt for:
-  Black
- High neck line with either a padded neck or cowl neck
- Cut away shoulders. This is one of my all time favourite cuts as it is the most flattering on
- A-Line in shape. Not too oversized but not being too straight up and down that it clings to my hips
- Versatility. It needed to be a dress that could easily be dressed up or dressed down and have multiple wears. For this reason I wanted subtle belt loops and a padded fabric tie that comes with it. 
- Pockets... because who doesn't want pockets?
- Waredrobe Staple > Trend

So after I had all these ideas running through my head I sent them through to Moochi.. assuming they would have their own ideas or restrictions.. But no. It came back to me pretty much identical to how I wanted it. I was sent images weekly of the samples and fabrics to make sure I was happy with everything and to make any alterations I wanted.  Could I ask for anything better?

Honestly this experience of creating with Moochi was so, so much fun. I hope everyone loves the dress I have created as much as we do. Natalie Cantell and Jessie Bush from We The People were also a part of this years Style Set which you can shop here