Shot by Michael John Hughes

Wearing Jasmine Dowling for Lilya

As most of you would have already seen via my social media, something I have kept hush for nearly a year ago has been released. This is sometimes the hard thing about collaborations, they often go ahead 6 months to a year after first discussed which means holding my tongue is quite difficult. 

Last year I was viewing Lilya's SS14 collection when we talked about getting together and coming up with a print for their SS15 range. Obviously I was stoked. Lilya is the sort of brand that nails easy, coastal street style. Whenever I get their pieces they are always so well loved and worn to death on many occasions due to their staple-nature and not fading away with "trends"  

We obviously wanted the print to scream Spring/Summer, and our concept was based off an abstract florals for spring. Since I work paint/ink I knew straight away what I wanted to do - each 'petal' determined by the brush stroke. It has been a year since putting this to paper and to see these pieces arrive a few weeks back was so exciting for me.  

You can shop all the pieces featuring my print for Lilya here

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Lilya for getting me on board for this and trusting me with creating a print for your collection. It means the world to me to be able to create outside of my comfort zone with brands I truly love.