On a whole this collection was inspired by those out there at the moment really putting themselves out there as movers, shakers, creators and makers. These aren’t the dreamers, but the ones crazy enough to think they can and actually going out there and making it happen. These are the people of now.

This is an attitude I very much take on myself as a self-employed 23yr old who started creating with no formal lettering training and no contacts in the industry I have now been working in for nearly 3 years. It takes guts, self-motivation and determination. It isn’t about the cliché; it is about going after what you want with conviction not dreaming for the day you get lucky.

This collection reflects this attitude with bold, minimalistic lettering that evokes the feeling of each expression. It may not always be polite, but it will be honest. 

Listening to on repeat while creating...
Hopium - Dreamers
Santigold - Santigold Album
Bluejuice - Vitriol
Childish Gambino - Sweatpants
Django Django - Default




Before starting this collection I spent some time thinking about what I thought was important at the moment, what needed to be said. After playing around with a few concepts I was most drawn to the Mover/Shaker/Creator theme that is so relevant to not only myself but also so many other people today. From there I always explore what I want to say around that concept. What is already being said? Motivational posters? I normally hate them as I find them so damn cliché and I find are aimed at dreamers rather than movers. The expressions needed to be honest and brave.

As always once I narrow down the expressions I play with lettering that captures the attitude of each one. The lettering style is determined by the expression, not the other way around. My lettering is not a font that will be used as a tool to express nothing. From there it is a matter of staring at it for hours on end before normally going back to the first option anyway and culling it down to my favourites. The last stage is looking at the sizes and how they all sit together and any setting files up for specialty printing. 





All year I have been shooting every flower that comes into my home at all their blooming stages. From when they are just buds, to opening, to eventually dropping and leaving a mess on the desk. This for me has been a project in attempting the beauty of the flower that I find so mesmerising. Thousands of photographs later I picked my favourites to create a print series.

They are dark, moody and capture a moment on the cusp of blooming. I don’t find it a coincidence that this is the moment I enjoy the most. The moment where it is just about to reach its full potential, just before the perfection.

This series features my two all time favourite types of specimen, the Peony & the Poppy. 




  • Choose prints in multiple sizes to create the perfect frame stack

  • If framing your prints, choose a minimalist frame like these from CR 

  • Mix metals. With a few foil prints in the collection mix metals with your current decor. Even try a metal frame

  • Trouble finding a frame for your A2 print, find a larger frame (like this one) and order a inexpensive custom matt to fit. Custom mats can be around $10-15 so it's the perfect way to customise your frame to fit your print perfectly. 


These prints are not mass produced so unfortunately most of the time they
will not be restocked once sold out.

I hope you all really love this collection, I have had so much fun creating this for everyone. Keep moving, shaking and creating as always lovers!

jasmine x