I hate to be the one to tell you but it is time to get serious about your christmas gifting with only a few weeks left until the bearded man arrives and eats your cookies. So once again this year I have curated some gift ideas for the ladies in your life (or yourself) These gifts won't be found in your local large department store but they were made with huge amounts of love. These items come from Small Australian Businesses. Christmas trading for small businesses is always so important to make sure they stick around for the new year. Support them not only because it is important, but because they make way cooler shit than Kmart. 

So let's get clicking, below I have listed the products/brands from Left to Right, Top to Bottom & they are all able to be bought online.

1. Lume Decor Ceramic Bowl ($80) Available in other colours

2. Lack Of Color Russo Hat ($89)

3. The Horse  Classic Timepiece ($189)

4. Her The Label Emma Bikini ($160)

5. Takeawei Handmade Mug ($65)

6. Annie Everingham Limited Edition Print ($25+)

7. Mon Purse Monogrammed Bucket Bag ($349)

8. Grace Scarper Letter Necklace ($69)

9. In Bed Store Linen Shorts ($75)

10. McKean Studio Cactus Mirror ($69)

11. Ivy Muse Nest ($160)

12. 'Carry Your Heart' Gift Set by Me ($95)

13. Kester Black Nail Polish ($20 each)

I will also be starting my week of Christmas Surprises (am I Oprah yet?!) tomorrow which will be daily surprises starting at 12PM each day for 24 Hours only. Make sure to be following my Instagram & Snapchat to find out first. I will also be uploading the surprises on the Homepage of the website.

Jasmine x