3 Ways To Makeover Your $2 Craft Paper


1. Add Paint

This is one of my go-to wrapping DIY for instant results. This wrapping is all about white christmas, snow & babies breath. You can easily sub out the babies breath for anything in your garden (or your neighbours). If you have any left over paint or a tiny cheap tub from the newsagents, just mix it with water until it is very fluid then take a brush or hands and splatter it over a rolled out sheet of Craft paper. Leave it in the sun. Top tip is to weight it down well.. I have come back to check on it only to find it in a tree. Do the same to your swing tags and you're good to go. This DIY isn't great if you're in a rental with no outdoor space to splatter paint so read on for more...

2. Add Pen

This option is a lot less messy and super quick. Just roll out around 1m at a time of craft paper and start writing with a white gel pen. Write personal messages, who it is to; christmas sayings just write anything because the chance is that they are going to rip it up before checking your spelling anyway. If you are not into writing you can always go polka dot crazy with the gel pen or even do little illustrations. Top tip: If you're gifting something soft and awkward just roll it up and tie the wrapping like a bon bon - it looks legit I promise. Always finish with twine/rope. 

3. Sticker bomb it and hope for the best..

This one is pretty self explanatory but you can pick up these little white sticker rolls from newsagents or office work style shops for around $5 and you get heaps. They come in different colours and styles and even stars so you can go as crazy as you like. I personally like when they are slightly random like confetti.


My Tips for Wrapping are:

  • Don't get ripped off when purchasing "trendy" craft paper. Officeworks or your local newsagents will have for less than $2 for a huge roll. 
  • Roll awkward soft objects and turn them into a bon bon
  • Add pom poms if you have them 
  • Always add to plain wrapping paper, it will distract from your poor wrapping skills


Have a beautiful Christmas everyone! Thank you so so much for such a magical year, your love and support mean the world.

jasmine x