Over the last year I have been lucky enough to receive lots of PR Beauty/Skincare goodies. Now by no means is this a bad thing but how many must-haves does one girl need? They normally form two piles - My drawer that is full of the products I have found myself falling in love with that I have often used to death then re-purchased or a box that goes to my girlfriends/family/charity. So I thought tonight I would unload my skincare drawer and talk about it. 


I had to start with masks because if you follow my snapchat (@jasmine-dowling) you would have noticed my current obsession. Some of my favourites at the moment are:
KARUNA MASKS - They are on the pricer side so I only use them when I feel my skin really needs it but they are such a dream. My personal favourite is their Clarifying Face Mask for clearing up my skin when it's throwing a tantrum. Not cute for snapchat. 
COMODYNES - I created some artwork for Comodynes earlier in the year since they only have just launched in Australia and I was lucky enough to sample some products. I really loved this tissue mask - I felt it was a great booster for my skin in the winter. Also not cute on snapchat.
DERMALOGICA - This Skin Refining Mask is great if you're looking for a deep cleanse clay mask. Snapchat approved. 
CLINIQUE - The Pore Refining Solutions Mask is lots of fun to apply being a charcoal mask and I find really helps with clearing out pores. Slightly pricey but has lasted me for months.


PHILOSOPHY - Their Purity Cleanser is probably one of my favourite skincare finds of the year. I got a sample back in April and I am already half way through this jumbo sized one I picked up in Mecca. It gets off your makeup so, so well and you can rub all up in your eyes (closed) without it stinging or irritating them (my experience anyway). 100% recommend. 
MUSQ - I'm going to be honest here and say that this went straight to the box of giveaways.. but a few weeks ago I found it and decided to give it a go in the shower and I absolutely loved it. It is their Face & Body Exfoliant. Other than the packaging being on point and the company using natural ingredients and ethical practices this really made my skin feel magical. I would say it is similar to your frank scrub etc but doesn't leave that residue on my face like other brands.
DERMALOGICA - I don't really understand toners to much but this one has been my go to all year with my onto my third bottle. 
COMODYNES - As a brand they package their products into one use packets which is perfect for popping into your hand bag or overnight case for those touch ups on the go. Which is why their Make-up Remover & Toner wipes win in my books. 


CHARLOTTE TILBURY - Her Magic Cream is not only a really amazing moisturiser but also helps protect your skin from the effects from the sun. The other product from CT that I have been using non-stop is the Wonder Glow. Pretty much what the name describes, this adds a beam of light under your base which is sort of perfect for summer here at the moment. These products are on the pricer side but over the holiday season you can get both (and a mask) with her Gift of Goddess Skin Set for $75.
DERMALOGICA - I actually started using this product last year and fell in love. It is their SkinPerfect Primer with SPF30. It has a slight colour to it so on really warm days where I just want to even out my skin tone I pop a little bit of this on and call it a day. Otherwise it is perfect under your favourite Foundation.


PHILOSOPHY - Their Kiss Me Goodnight lip therapy is to die for
LANOLIPS - A product with this many awards must be worth the hype... and it definitely was. My personal favourite is the pear flavour and works magic on my normally quite dry lips.
SAY IT WITH ... This is a random one but a few months back I got a PR gift from Brown Brothers which came with this curated collection of Say it With Nail Polishes to match. Granted I assumed they wouldn't be amazing because these sort of PR things normally are more for show but I was super surprised. It stay-power was up there with any other polish I have tried and I fell in love with the cloud blue colour I received. Well played Brown Brothers.. 
WHITE NAIL POLISH - I am all about white nails in the summer time. My favourites would be from OPI and the Revlon Colour Stay GelEnvy.


What are your skin care must-haves that I should definitely add to my drawer?

jasmine x