Over a month ago I was asked to be a part of the American Express Shop Small movement for November. Shopping small has always been super important to me especially being someone who runs my own small business. When you're supporting local movers and shakers you're paying their rent, putting food on the table and making their dreams actually happen. The Shop Small initiative does just that and encourages people to go out there and support local small businesses with that they need most - more customers. So as you can imagine I jumped at the opportunity to put a spotlight on my favourite local shops.

As part of the movement I have created my own little map of my favourite small shops in Brisbane, from food to good vibes to fashion to where to shop for your boyfriend. 


It is no secret that Alfredo's does good pizza, but this isn't why I love it (but it of course helps!) I go there for the arancini balls - they are seriously to die for. I also go there because it has endless options for you after Alfredos because of it's location. You can either give in to the outrageous doughnuts at the entrance (thanks doughnut time) or if you prefer an alcoholic beverage to start your night you can either head left to Alfred & Constance or Dutch Courage Officers' Mess. 


When a store has two separate fronts for dark chocolate and milk - you know they are serious about their chocolate. Anyone who works in the city I am sure has indulged themselves in some Noosa Chocolate Factory but it is a must-visit. All hand-made in Queensland and all freaking delicious. Your only issue will be settling on one option. My vote is with the handmade rocky road - so so good!


Looking for designer pieces that you won't see everyone else in Brisbane wearing? Blonde Venus will hook a girl up. They stock some of my personal favourites like Georgia Alice, Holly Ryan, Verner & Jacquemus. My only tips are prepare the bank account and clean out your wardrobe to make space.


I am now realising a lot of my favourites are food related - oops oh well, a girl's gotta eat! I have to be honest about my relationship about burgers... I usually don't eat them. From a young age I have always disliked them so never really order them, especially don't go places that specialise in them. But Ben's changed it all, honestly. The Ben's Burgers Classic is perfection. It isn't the place that is putting everything bizarre on your burger to ensure some outrageous instagram-able images. This place is about creating the perfect burger without bells and whistles. Tip is you must order the chips and aioli as a side because they are also perfection. Ps. the staff are super cool also (huge thumbs up)


How does one even describe Molten Store? The owner, Jessy has created something truly unique and truly magical with Molten Store. I honestly can't think of anything like it. You walk into the shop and you are walking into the magical land of Molten Store, light-filled with treasures laid out as if you're in your own little dressing room. You are guaranteed to find pieces you have never seen before and feel a part of the lifestyle that Jessy & the team have created. 


Hidden up in Edward Street in the city, Showroom is for the creative & design lovers! Their shop holds the most unique little homeware finds from locals and also on occasion runs creative workshops. Definitely head there when you are looking for something unique for your creative or home space or if you're wanting to learn skills in social media, creativity and business. 

These are just a few of my top picks for shopping small in Brisbane. You can view my complete map with lots of tips and suggestions here. Be a part of the movement this November and Shop Small wherever you are. Support those who are chasing their dreams and making your town something special.

At participating small businesses across the country throughout November, American Express Card Members will receive $10 credit when they spend $20 or more, up to ten times during the month. This content has been created as a part of my involvement in the American Express Shop Small program.

I would love to know your favourite local shops, especially if you're from near me as I would love to find some treasures.

jasmine x