Can I just start by saying how on earth is it nearly November, I swear I blinked sometime back in June and then lost a few months there !?!

Anyway apparently that makes it the time of the year for a new calendar, so for the last few months I have been tossing up what to do for 2016. Do I create a printed version again? How will I design this years? Can I make it a download instead? I also put it to those who follow me on snapchat to see what you all wanted and I came to a conclusion. 

I wanted this year's calendar to be accessible and available for everyone. As much as I adore having physical products and printed goodness it means a) things sell out, which mean people miss out b) During peak christmas period packing and sending can take days and days at a time which can slow the studio down and c) not everyone can budget for a printed calendar when taking into considering shipping etc. So with this all in mind I wanted to create a new calendar for download for a fraction of the cost, meaning a lot more of you can access it..

With the download you can then print it all out to have a yearly calendar, print it out month-to-month, and extras when you mess up your dates (please tell me I'm not the only one), save it to your desktop background or even your phone background. You can type in your appointments or special events into the calendar before printing it out also for extra organisation. I have also included a little to-do list in the download that you can print out daily or weekly depending on your schedule.

I really hope you all enjoy my 2016 Calendar. It means so much to me that after my first calendar that went viral in 2014 that you are all still here and supporting my creative dreams with many other similar ones out there these days. It truly means so, so much


jasmine x

Please note with the download is for personal use only. No reproductions for sale or without permission can be made. This design is covered under Australian Copyright Law and any reproduction outside of personal use will be considered an infringement of that law.