Shot by the talented Michael John Hughes

Tuesday Vintage White Tee by Assembly The Label 
Skirt by Asos 
Harvest Eyewear in Tortoise by Karen Walker

So crazy to think this will be the first post of 2015 - how on earth is it a new year already?! One thing that hasn't changed from year to year was where I go when I take time to relax & revive. This is what is what is referred to by my family as Caloundra House. It is a place that my grandparents own, my mum's holiday destination as a child, and then ours. I have so much love for this place, it's floral wallpapered walls & kitchen that makes you feel like a giant so it was so good to get back up there and spend the week with michael, my brothers (and girlfriends/fiances), mum & grandma. 

Whenever I go there I tend to overpack & normally tend to wear pretty much the same thing over and over again. Bikinis (repeat), Basic Tees & this time the bottom's on rotation were some striped shorts from Country Road & this skirt. Anything easy and breathes well. The heat up there this week meant I tried to be in the water 24/7 and lying in the sun was unbearable. I also managed to give myself a lovely symmetrical burn on the inside of my elbow with a party sparkler. 

I hope everyone got to have some down time over christmas & the new year.