Tee & Spectrum Pant by Assembly Label
Eyewear by Karen Walker
Clutch by The Daily Edited

So a few months ago I was on the hunt for the perfect everyday drop crotch pant in a non-jersey fabric and I saw a pair on someone on instagram - naturally stalked them until finding the brand. The brand was Assembly Label which at the time was only producing mens wear but I had heard whispers of the store opening up a women's range. So I then proceeded to obsess and check the website daily for updates until it went live. My first haul included said pants (above) and a striped tee (as you would see on my instagram at least once a week since it arrived months ago). 

One thing I am so passionately picky about is basic tees. To describe the fit I like it sort of boxy with a round but higher neck, square sleeves and that tapers out slightly at the hips. Nothing is worse than a tee that slightly hugs the hips. So after scoping out the models on the online store, I thought I would try one out for shape. Needless to say within a week I had purchased 3 more in every colour. 

I think my new obsession became obvious & I have now been asked to be an ambassador for the brand ?! 

I would love to know what style of tees you are dying for? 

jasmine x