Shot by my partner in crime Michael John Hughes

So I got back onto the outfit shooting train over this weekend, and it felt different. As you may have noticed (or heard me speak about on my snapchat @jasmine-dowling), Since the end of last year the blog has lacked constant outfit posts. I found myself struggling to keep up with it & running my freelance + the online store and all the other responsibilities that come with running your own business. I also found myself in a position that I wasn't that comfortable to be very honest. I have always been extremely picky with what I like to wear, most trends make me feel like someone else (which is the worst) & I became very uncomfortable with being gifted items for me to wear once. It also brought up insecurities that I wasn't prepared for. It can be kind of confronting editing & criticising images of yourself every week. 

I am so glad that I gave myself the time to take a step back from it for a little while. Check back in with myself and why I shoot outfit posts to start with. It is because I want to show you what I love to wear. Yes, it may not be something new that you have never seen before but at least it will be me. This outfit has probably been repeated at least 10 times since this ribbed knit arrived a few weeks ago. Those on snapchat have probably seen this outfit a few times. But does that make it any lesser quality outfit shoot - does that make it irrelevant? It is assumptions that I made previously about what I should or shouldn't post that made me question what I was posting. 

These posts won't be every Sunday because let's face it, I don't buy new outfits every week. I am so glad to be back on here talking about my day-to-day (When I'm not in studio looking like a mess)

Anyway about the outfit.... I have always loved a paper bag waist but my love really heated up when I saw this bad boy by Ellery. So when I was waiting for a plane in Paris airport I saw this skirt by Kloke and ordered it straight away. I am obsessed with the deep brown and have been pairing it back with blush tones, crisp whites & mustards. With a paper bag waist it is easiest to stick to a fitted top as you are already adding some extra volume to the waist. I got this ribbed knit off ASOS & have been refreshing the page daily hoping the white will come back in stock. It is super versatile (hello under slips) 

Anyway, that is me out for now as I feel I have written a novel. Let me know though what you think about the outfit post changes, I am sorry about the absence.  

ASOS ribbed knit
KLOKE skirt (on sale)
ACNE STUDIOS moto jacket



jasmine x