I have been stuck for a while on how to continue the Becoming Jasmine series on here. I was writing in past tense majority of the series so I found it harder to articulate the now. Often it is easier to look back on how you change and pinpoint as to why or how. For me I have always moved on instinct and without much plan so instead I wanted to continue to the series as a conversation around freelancing, blogging, being a creative. I am 'Jasmine' so how do I navigate the issues of being a creative 'slashie' letterer/designer/blogger/content creator/etc/etc. I personally think it is so important to have these conversations and be as open as I can be.

Now I have got that out of the way, the topic of today's conversation is going to be around Full-time, Part-time or no-time creatives. Whenever I get emails from most of you the question always pops up about becoming a full-time freelancer and how to do so. Hey, if you don't mind eating rolled oats three times a day (sounds good to me) & living at your parents then you could quit your job right now and become a full-time freelancer asap.

But what is the rush? Yes of course a lot of creatives dream is to create what they love everyday but I think any full-time creative would tell you that it is never the case. Becoming a full-time freelancer comes with also being a full-time accountant, full-time marketing manager, full-time emailer, (I can add full-time copyright lawyer nearly) just to name a few. For example I am writing this on a Wednesday and I have spent the last two days without a brush in my hand. Did I love spending 4 hours adding my receipts into Xero? No is the short answer. Every job comes with its shit, so be prepared. 

I wanted to focus though today on Part-time work.  I am vary aware that my path has kind of been the exception. I was in a position that I was still in university, living at home with a super flexible part-time job when I transitioned into being a full-time freelancer (what a dream right). I think living with Michael & having many creatives friends that have this conversation with me constantly gives me somewhat knowledge on it. Some people would think creating part-time is not the goal but to be honest sometimes it is the best of both worlds. It gives you the freedom to create only what you want in those days because you have the security of your other job paying some of your bills. Sometimes as a full-time freelancer you will take on jobs that aren't mind blowing because you are scared when the next fulfilling brief will come in, or when that invoice will be paid (can be 3 months down the track). At that point you may go full-time to do your dream job but at the end of the day spend your days creating what you don't enjoy. 

Having a stable income from your day job allows you to say no to what you don't enjoy, spend time creating personal projects to get your dream clients. For an example, Michael currently has a couple of days a week to create the work he loves. So instead of him cringing taking photos of a bride on the weekend, he can get up to shoot a Pineapple farm at 5am (yes, he did that) without the pressure of "I need to eat this week". So whenever someone tells me sheepishly that they do what they love only part-time I just respond with 'Do you realise how amazing that is?' I don't want this post to seem like I am hating on full-time life, I am not at all. I just wanted to give another perspective than the glamorous idea of sleeping whenever you like, working in your pjs (this has some truth), only working a few hours a day fantasy that surrounds working for yourself full-time. 

Lastly I wanted to give you some questions to ask yourself before taking the leap to Full-Time:

Have you got yourself a coffee machine?
How much income do you need to feel comfortable?
Have you been hitting that income for the last 3 months?
Can you do both? (insert Old El Paso girl)
Is your current job impacting negatively on your freelance work?
Does your lifestyle/personality suit working for yourself full-time?
Have you sorted out a good accounting system?
What are you waiting for?

I would love to continue the conversation in the comments so let me know what your thoughts are! 

j x