It is that time of the year again, the time when we keep talking about how fast the year passed has gone and am shocked when walking through shops and christmas carols start playing. I will just flatter myself for a second by hoping that some of you enjoy this time of the year to start looking at new calendars (hint hint this one hint

It is insane to think this is my fourth calendar! All starting on new years eve of 2013 with a split second idea has turned into a yearly tradition of mine. Creating these calendars for me is always such a personal project. When creating I am always so so grateful for those who downloaded the 2014 Calendar and have supported me ever since. These calendars have been replicated year after year by many so the fact that you're here, supporting me, really does mean the absolute world. 

Enough with the emotion.. Let's get down to the calendar. After such a great response to last year's downloadable calendar, we are bringing it back. This year I have taken on some whispers that some prefer their weeks organised differently. I personally use a Sunday - Saturday week because that's how my online calendars work so it helps to keep my physical organisation matching. But I also completely understand that people feel they start their week on a Monday so why wouldn't their calendar? 

* This is where I insert the Old El Paso girl saying 'Why Can't We Have Both?' *


When you enter the Calendar shop you now have two options, either the Monday - Sunday layout OR the Sunday - Saturday layout



Each 2017 Calendar Download will also come in two colour ways. Minimalist Black & White and Blush.

Being a download, I always love that these are not permanent. Make a mistake? Print another one. Change your desk up and suddenly realise you don't have enough blush tones? No worries. In each download you will find a file named Black & White, another named Blush. All you need to do is print out whichever suits you best. 

#IDEA Say you're not a blush type of gal/guy. Open the Black & White file and print on whatever colour paper you like for the same effect. 



Keep your eye out in the next week online through my Instagram Stories/Feed for my delivery of my 2017 Yearly Wall Calendar. This is not a drill, there will be copper foil. 

Much love & enjoy as much as I did creating them,

Jasmine x