Not that long ago I was planning a whole blog post based around social media, Instagram in particular. Half way through writing it, Instagram Stories was announced and a Command A + Deleted everything I wrote. I had probably committed to Snapchat around 4-5 months prior to Instagram pretty much stealing its thunder, and when the announcement was made it was all I spoke about for around a week. Not because it was groundbreaking [let's face it, is it pretty much just snapchat on the same app as your feed] but personally for me it solved a lot of my personal issues with Instagram. 

I should probably start with my main issue with the social media platform and why I started to snapchat in the first place. I have always loved making things as aesthetically pleasing as possible, So naturally, I am pretty anal about Instagram. I love it that way. But I do find myself sometimes detached from it personally. It became more a space to share how I see things rather than myself. There is nothing wrong with working social media this way at all, but I also wanted there to be an actual person behind the feed, and be transparent about that. 

It also came from an extreme curiosity. As much as I find aesthetically pleasing things beautiful, I am really nosy & as soon as I meet someone that I have followed for years I don't want to know about what filter you use, I want to know how you live off what you do, what do you actually do day in and day out, how much do you hate doing groceries? This may sound creepy but I just want to get to know more about them and their random thoughts or opinions throughout the day. I just find that interesting and it normally turns out that person is way cooler than their already cool feed. 

So when I decided to vlog on Snapchat/Instagram Stories there were some things I kept in mind. 

Don't Censor Yourself. 
I always will be 90% myself through my vlogging. I will swear, I will probably say something slightly inappropriate, I will say my opinion. The only time I won't talk about something or will watch my words is if it effects someone else but that is pretty much a life rule. People can always tap through or not watch if they are offended by your personality. 

Show what you think is not interesting.
Trust me when I say that what you don't think is interesting, someone else will. One day I filmed me cleaning my desk..... pretty much as groundbreaking as florals in spring. I love the mundane so I always love people just talking about their dream, or something that happened to them at the shops. The people who only show events or things they think are 'interesting' I personally don't find interesting at all. Granted are that 10 other bloggers and filming the same shit as you at the event.

Show yourself when you really don't want to.  
This is a big one. A lot of people I watch on Stories/Snapchat do not show their face and trust me I 100 percent feel you. It is not fun to see yourself that close and then fear how many people screenshot. But I always try to do it even when I am not feeling myself. Firstly because I feel it is a lot more personal and I think you can tell a lot more with your expressions/tone. Secondly, no one is looking glamorous 24/7, let's all be okay with showing our naked face to thousands of people. I cringe every time I do but I can say nothing bad has happened from it yet. 

It is kind of like talking to yourself, get used to it.
I work alone by myself all day everyday so this is comes more natural.

Don't Sing & Snap/Story.
No one has time for that.

Pony by Genuine is always appropriate. 
Foil prints in the sun - Pony by Genuine
Packaging porn - Pony by Genuine
Flowers - Pony by Genuine
Slow motion anything - Pony by Genuine. 

Last point I would like to touch on is something I have noticed since being on Instagram Stories. It can bring out the worst in some people on the internet. I have received more nasty comments via Direct Message since starting then I probably have ever had on social media. I have noticed that as soon as I point something out about myself, people then tell me to stop doing it or that they suddenly don't like that habit. People feel the need to comment on my looks or that they don't like me talking. Not only is this kind of disgusting behaviour, I always remember not to take it to heart. I am not going to stop being me just to please someone tapping through my Story when they can just swipe. I think so many people censor themselves or don't show their personality because they fear that it isn't what the people want. This is a real shame. Because you are way cooler than your feed and it is time that real people are admired for being themselves and not just their beautiful imagery. 

As always with these discussions I would love to continue it in the comments, especially as there are no comments in Snapchat/Stories.

jasmine x