Dress (worn as top) by ASOS
Leather Skirt by Cabin & Cove (shop here)
Eyewear by Roc Eyewear  (shop here)
Backpack by Triangl 

Found the perfect leather midi in this bad boy by Cabin & Cove - I already can tell this will be on my body most weekends! I spent the morning out at the race track watching my brothers do their 'thang' and it was definitely not feeling like the last day of winter. It was more like the middle of summer. As much as I love summer this does worry me for the coming month's heat. I think multiple beach escapes are the way to go! 

j x 



Shot by the talented Michael John Hughes

Origami Loafers by MIMCO (shop here)
My Favourite Alien Hard Case by MIMCO (shop here)
Supernatural Tote by MIMCO (shop here)
Secret Couch Hip Bag by MIMCO (shop here)
Astro Drop Earrings by MIMCO (shop here)

Top by ANNA QUAN (shop here)

It is time you revisit your old favourite Mimco, I think this season they surprised everyone including myself. Who knew when looking for an alien themed clutch you would have found it at Mimco!? As soon as I saw this seasons supernatural themed beauties I was beyond excited. 

Some of my favourites had to be the clutch (obviously) and these super cool leather loafers with the hint of blue. So after a few weekends inside due to wet weather Michael and I decided to go a little crazy with the 'outfit shoot' this week and it was definitely one of my favourites. Inspired by the idea of MIMCO LANDING we shot this in a field not too far from my home. 

I must say bravo to you Mimco on this collection, I already have my idea for my next purchase! 

j x 



Since it is my birthday weekend & plus the weather is meant to be rain rain and more rain I decided to put off an outfit shoot. Instead I have been thinking lately about Australian talent. I must say I think we are super lucky here to have so many creative people and so much opportunity to do our thing. 

So I thought I would put together some of the home grown labels that are constantly on my wish list and doing great things.

 KUWAII  - clean, precise quiet beauty. This brand came on my radar 2013 and they have truly outdone themselves this season. Their silhouettes are so spot on and their eye for colour makes this brand really stand out. Only launching in 2008, I will be watching this brand very closely for future seasons. 


Visit their newly opened store if you're around Melbourne town:
Shop 7-8 Cathedral Arcade
37 Swanston Street -  Melboune.
STEELE MELBOURNE - feminine, easy with a slight edge. I am all for clothing that is effortless & comfortable, and this brand does it so beautifully. They excel at their exclusive prints and simple flowing silhouettes. 

THURSDAY, SUNDAY - Youthful & clean. This collection for me is the perfect balance between modern clean dressing and school yard cool. 


HANSEN & GRETEL - Modern, clean aesthetic & an eye for modern shapes. This brand is always so on point it kills me. I must check their online store weekly waiting for this collection to launch. I suggest you do to!


ZULU & ZEPHYR - Ocean side cool. This brand has the perfect mix of beach/city dressing. The ease of fabrics, cuts and styles makes you want to book an escape to some place coastal as soon as you can.


ANNA QUAN - So clean, So Modern, So Dreamy. This girl knows how to design and even better how to produce beautiful clothing. I just opened my first item of hers earlier today and I was actually blown away - it is easily one of the most beautiful things I own. The cut, the fabric and the attention to detail is truly amazing. 


LILYA - Ladylike Ease at its best. If anyone can make someone look feminine and cool at the same time it is this brand. Their lace work, prints and knits are always a stand out. I can not wait to get my hands on this collection, and get on a boat (and look like this).