Dress by Alpha 60 (shop here)

I will introduce to one of my favourite items in my closet at the moment - this serious polka dot number! To my surprise this was actually my only clothing purchase whilst down in Melbourne but it is absolutely golden. It is just one of those dresses that makes you feel like it's your birthday. Maybe because the pattern is close to a beige version of a twister mat? In my opinion this is perfection. The longer length that can be belted in, hidden side pockets, neutral tones, breathable fabric and cutaway neck line - congratulations Alpha 60, you nailed it. 

jasmine x 



Top & Skirt by Asos (shop here & similar here)
Clutch by Chip Chop Fashion (shop here)
Watch by Larsson & Jennings (shop here)

What a week it has been.. I apologise for emails that haven't been replied to and general slackness on social media. I am now a month off graduating and keeping up the online store, blog, commissions and a large advertising campaign to start in October has kept me working and stressing from the moment I wake up to the moment I hit the pillow after midnight. I would love to say I am one of those very chilled people - but anyone who knows me knows that is far from the truth. I try put myself 100% into everything and it often leaves one very exhausted jasmine. 

This weekend Michael and I woke up both days at the crack of dawn to carry out this shoot today and my portfolio shoot yesterday. Huge thanks to The Autumn Co for letting Michael and I paint up a storm in their studio, I will be sure to share some of that soon. 

Back on clothing topic though - straw is my spring / summer friend. In August 2013 I had the watermelon clutch on my wish list from Chip Chop and I was so stoked to see this lemon version brought out this season. Keep it simple with clean black and white! I also have realised I have worn midi skirts to death lately, but I am really struggling to find a non-midi skirt that I like lately. I don't know why but they all seem a fall a little flat for me. 

Please let me know if you do come across one in your online store travels though!

I will also be down to Melbourne next weekend with Michael for a late birthday treat so leave me comment of things to do while we are there :)

j x 



Well I can truly say this weekend was the opposite to last, somehow Michael and I managed to fit in a shoot, breakfast out, picking up my new iPhone, grocery shopping, a trip to a bike race, a Chile Festival, a siesta, a birthday outing and a trip to the police station - and that was just on Saturday. Needless to say I would be sleeping like a baby tonight if I didn't have a pile of uni to catch up on. This outfit is by one of my favourite new Australian Labels featured not that long ago on the blog - Thursday, Sunday. This outfit gives me serious easy going picnic vibes and I love it. I actually wore the top backwards so the low v is at the front - but who could tell right? 

The linen fabric is beyond perfect for Queensland spring/summer/way too hot days that are very likely. Either way, this brand is one to watch for sure!

jasmine x