Bec & Bridge Halter from Style Milk (shop here)
Skirt by Asos
Watch by Larsson & Jennings (shop here)

I am normally not a very sassy dresser or go towards items that show a lot of skin but I have to admit that when I put on this Halter from Style Milk Shop and it fit like a glove I was instantly in love. It is probably saved with the high neck - an obvious obsession of mine lately. Also with the plunging back it only felt right to pair it with a longer midi - length skirt.

This week I received the next collection of prints from the printer that I have been working on the last month. I am working things a little different with the next collection as I am moving into my final semester of uni. Not going to lie I am pretty terrified about how I am going to fit everything in but I will have more to share with you next week so keep your eyes peeled.

 For a moment I want to give a huge props to Liss & Jen the two ladies behind this QLD based online store, they not only are sassy mothers but also have their full time jobs while running such a well curated store. I always find it so inspiring to find a girl gang that are so dedicated to what they love at any cost so huge props to you two girls! Ps. I recently worked with them on rebranding Style Milk so make sure to check out their instagram @style_milk - it is to die for!

Hope you are having a beautiful Sunday!

jasmine x



LA Tee by Somedays Lovin (Shop Here)
Jumper by BWGH thanks to Noir Distribution (Shop Here)
Dress by ASOS(Shop Here)
Eyewear by Karen Walker 
Watch by Larsson & Jennings (Shop Here)

I was recently asked by Someday's Lovin to post my typical 'Off Duty' Outfit and being a quite comfort-dresser this was ideal. Thanks to Somedays Lovin, Arrow Divine & Shambhala Byron Bay I could win a weekend away with the lovely man who has been doing this with me every weekend for the last year and a half! Not going to lie I am desperate for this amazing prize, there is nothing like a weekend by the sea to clear the head and regroup for the next 6 months of craziness. I haven't taken time off since Nov 2013 so this is the perfect excuse!

As you have probably seen on here quite a bit before I normally throw tees over or under dresses. This is normally because I have been on a huge struggle to find a decent skirt lately. What is easier than a simple black dress, throw over a white tee and a sport sweater around the waist for those breezy winter days!?! I think this is done best when you add a graphic tee to the mix, typography is always preferred (obviously) and this bad boy by Somedays Lovin is only $49! 

Again, if you follow me on Insta this won't be the first time you have seen this jumper.. First time I saw this was in Brisbane mens clothing store APTMNT with Michael and I came across this jumper folded on the table and fell instantly in love with the fluffy type treatment. Naturally so did Michael so we decided we would have one and we would have joint custody over. A month or so later there was a sale and we ended up having 4 in our hot little hands, the total has now grown to 6! As much as I love a good couple dressing the same, Michael does insist I tell him when I am wearing mine so we avoid matching. 

Comfort & layering is always the go for my off duty dressing, what is yours? 

jasmine x x

ps. cross your fingers for me :) 



Shot by the talented Michael John Hughes

Playsuit by Element (shop brand here)
Coat by Asos (shop similar here)
Sunglasses by Karen Walker (shop here)

Oh I am sorry Brisbane, do you call this winter?! I know so many of you are looking at these last images going either this shoot was from earlier months or I am absolutely freezing my butt off. But no this is our winter. I must admit it has been rather chilly for us and in the shade the coat is a must, but when you can wear bare legs in winter you can't really complain. After 5 minutes in direct sun you can start to shed the layers and return to your 12 month round summer closet items. I got this playsuit from Element earlier in the week and thought surely this won't get worn until maybe september but no this weekend ends weather begged for some star printed playsuit fun. 

Hope some of you also had a breather this weekend & got out to enjoy the winter sun. 

jasmine x