After using the products for the last 4 weeks and many requests to let you know what I think I thought I would give you my feedback.

These products are undeniably aesthetically pleasing, but that isn't where this brand stops impressing. The ingredients are all natural and easy to understand. 

To be very honest, I really did enjoy all of their products. Their Pink Cloud Moisturiser is absorbed into the skin really quickly and leaves the skin feeling plump so if you're still searching for your go-to moisturiser this might be the one for you. Personally I think I have been swayed over to gel moisturisers like the Clinique Moisture Surge but this definitely comes close! 

The real stand out products in my eyes are the Lapis Facial Oil, Blue Tansy Mask & Moon Fruit treatment. If you're looking to give this brand a go I truly think any of these three won't disappoint. 

The Lapis Oil (shop here) & Blue Tansy Mask (shop here) include the Blue Tansy Oil that is said to help reduce redness, soothe irritations and clarify the skin. To be honest the mix these two products is heaven. It leaves my skin feeling super smooth and hydrated without feeling oily (even after the oil!). If you are giving these a go for the first time I would suggest trialing it with this set.

Now let's talk about the product they call Moon Fruit (shop here). This is a night treatment that you can put on before bed without feeling like it's going to get all over your pillow/hair/lover. It is full of fruit anzymes, AHA (I've been told to look for skin care with these, Hyaluronic Acid and both Kokum and Shea Butters.

As much as I could recommend you trying out all of their skin products, I am going to stop with my 3 must-trys. Next up I am going to order some of their other masks to try. 


Have you given Herbivore Botanicals a try? And if so what are your personal favourites?

jasmine x 

ps. This content is not sponsored, and even if it was I would tell you what is up. 


If you follow me on Instagram Stories (@jasminedowling) you would know I have a weakness for beauty/skincare products. I feel like it was after my 25th birthday something switched in me where instead of impulse purchasing clothes, I replaced that with beauty products. I am also very fortunate to receive beauty/skincare gifts from companies to try out. Which leads me to this blog post - the things that are here to stay, the things that I have recently discovered and already know I will be repurchasing. This list is only my new additions, you can browse through some of my favourite beauty products in past posts here.


Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant 

I must admit, I have only been using this product for the past week and a bit but damn, I am obsessed. So many of you reached out saying I would love this and you were right. It is a gentle exfoliant which I use in the shower daily and afterwards my skin feels like a babies bottom. This followed up by some new moisturisers/oils I am testing out has been my new favourite thing to do at night. 

Shop here.

Clinique even better glow

I wanted to include this foundation because I am nearly through my first bottle and I definitely will be repurchasing. Whenever I wear this foundation I always get people complimenting on my skin. It isn't heavy, it evens my skin tone out and gives me a super healthy look to my skin. It is a winner any day of the week.

Shop here.

MECCA cosmetica lit from within illuminating drops

Mecca Cosmetica released new products from their Lit From Within range late last year and I was lucky enough to be able to try out the powder, drops and balm version. My pick of the bunch would be the drops, they are a light rose gold colour and perfect to pop on your cheeks, cupid's bow and brow. I like to wear this when I have no foundation on, under my foundation or press it over my foundation with my finger tip. Usually I will apply it with my finger tip or a small stippling brush. If you are very fair this colour may not be to your taste.

Shop here.

Face halo 

I have been using the Face Halo microfibre wipes for the last few months and I can now say I won't go back to disposable cotton pads. Not only is it more economical and sustainable, they are fantastic at taking off your makeup with only water. If you have sensitive skin or eye area, you will love these as you can remove your makeup without stinging or irritation. After removing my makeup with one of these I follow with my usual Pep Start Cleanser from Clinique.  

Shop here.


Ro's Argan Body Conditioner

Lately I have been loving in-shower body conditioners as I am super lazy when it comes to moisturising my body & love having showers. So this product combines my hate for moisturising but my love for being in the shower - perfect. Now let's get to the smell. I am in love with myself after using this in the shower. I smell like a garden of roses and I will be repurchasing this in the biggest container I can. 

Shop here. 

clinique pep start pout restoring lip night mask

This stuff is no joke. I have probably tried over 10 lip balms in the last year and nothing compares to this. I know it calls itself a night mask but I use this at any time. It is the only thing that saves my lips when they are dry. Absolutely swear by it and already about to purchase my third tube.

Shop here.





THE BASE. Clinique Even Better Glow Foundation, feels lightweight and keeps my complexion looking fresh. Nars Soft Matte Concealer is a newbie to my vanity but already a winner. 
BLUSHED. I am taking the No Blush Blush by Perriconne MD & Hourglass Ambient Strobe Lighting Blush in Euphoric Fusion. The No Blush blush is the perfect peachy tone while the Hourglass one is a rose tone with luminosity.
BRONZED. Since it will be fall in japan I am only packing the No Bronzer Bronzer from Perricone MD. Super easy to blend seamlessly into your base.
EYES. I will be packing my favourite pink tone (Garden Rose) from RMS Beauty, Eye Polish in Lucky from RMS for a bronzed eye & the Mecca 20 & By Terry eye shadow palette (pictured below).

LIPS. Not only are these Ultra Slim Lipsticks from Hourglass incredibly beautiful (yes, I am talking about those gold weapons on the left in the image above) but they are refillable so all I need to do is take 3 of my favourites and switch them into the applicator. I will be taking shades 'I Live For' which is a orange toned red, 'I Always' which is a bright hot pink & 'I Want' Which is a pink toned nude.  


EYE PALETTE. Next up is an eye shadow palette. This MECCA20 x By Terry Palette has some stunning pink shades. I am also tossing up between the Naked Heat palette by Urban Decay or Ciate London Pretty Fun Fearless palette

BROWS. I will be taking my favourite combo of the Clinique Just Browsing & Benefit Goof Proof Brow.

LASHES. In my opinion, Clinique makes the best mascaras hands down. I am in love with the Lash Power in particular so that's coming with me. I will also be taking my Mecca Cosmetica Eye Lash Curler.

LUMINATOR. This is where Mecca Cosmetica kills the game. Their Multi-Purpose Plumping Balm is a must as is their renowned Lit From Within Balm. Writing this post also made me realise that I forgot their Lit From Within Primer

LIP CARE. Last month my lips weren't in a good place. I tried every lip product I had to try help but honestly when the Clinique Pout Restoring Night Mask arrived, within a few days of use they were as good as new. I swear by it and I am packing 2. 




CLEAN. I will be finishing testing out the Mecca Cosmetica Facial Cleanser while I am away as well as taking these mini Glam Glow Masks. From Nov 9, Mecca will be stocking a Glam Glow Gift Set that includes 3 mini's and one full sized mask so if you are, or you know someone who is a mask fiend like me - get on it! 
MASKS. I am also packing lots of moisturising face masks. I have the Moisture Surge Overnight Mask by Clinique, The Hydrogel Eye Masks & Hydrogel Face Masks by Mecca Cosmetica. Super hydrating so no cold weather or planes will dry me out.


SERUMS. I am a sucker for serums so I will be taking the RODIN Face Oil which I have been using for 2 months and love love love. Sadly already half way through and cringing at how much it will cost me to replace it once I am finished. I will also be taking this newbie from Drunk Elephant

MOISTURISE. The last couple of weeks I have been using the Whipped Cream by Drunk Elephant and have been loving it so I am taking it with me. Ps. If you're yet to try out Drunk Elephant, I got my hands on a gift set that will be available Nov 9 at Mecca which includes these two + a serum!

UNDER EYE. I will be taking the Nerium age Defying Eye Serum with me as it makes my under eyes so damn soft and silky. Also the Mecca Cosmetica HydroGel Eye Masks will come in handy. 


And that is a look into all the beauty & skin products that I will be packing for my month away from home. 

Am I taking any of your favourites or is there anything you think I missed? Let me know below.

Jasmine x 


It has been a year that I started working with Clinique so I thought it would be a fun idea after all of the things I have tried and tested, tell you what my 10 favourite are. The products that I have tried then gone and re-purchased. 


Let's start with skin..

Moisture Surge 

For those who follow not only my Instagram, but also watch my stories you won't be surprised by this first one. Moisture surge is probably my number 1 Clinique product if I had to pick favourites. If you are only going to pick one product from the range, go the Extended Thirst Relief. It gives you a hit of moisture without leaving your skin feeling tacky or greasy. I am onto my fourth jar that's how much I love it. 

Pep Start

My main lover from this range is the 2-in-1 Exfoliating Cleanser. Once again, I think I am onto my 4th or 5th tube of this. I use it day and night and feel like it really cleanses and wakes up the skin. Also a great tip for the Eye Cream in this range is to pop it in the fringe and use it cold to decrease puffiness. 


Now to the make up.. 

Superbalanced Silk

I know I spoke about this in my recent 'Finding The Perfect Base' post but this truly is my favourite product to use as my base. It is not too matte but not too dewy either, it has the perfect silky finish with moderate coverage. 

Cheek Pop

If you are on the search for the perfect soft peachy/pink blush - the shade 08 Melon Pop is for you. If I am not wearing the Chubby Blush in Amp'd Up Apple then I am wearing this on my cheeks. 

Just Browsing

I am all about just enhancing your natural brows and this product helps me do that. It is like a mini mascara for your brows that adds definition to each of your brow hairs and keeps them in place. I use the colour Deep Brown 

Chubby Contour

This is the product that made me fall in love with Clinique before our partnership even began. The easiest product to quickly bronze or contour your face. I personally also love to use it on my eye lids for an easy shadow. 

Sweet Pots

I feel like these are the most underrated Clinique Product but they are absolutely one of my favourites. They come in the sweetest shades and on one side of the jar it is your lip balm and on the other side there is a sugar lip scrub. They are genius and I can not get enough. 

Lash Power Flutter to Full Mascara

To be honest, Clinique has hands down some of my favourite mascaras I have ever used. Even writing this I had to toss up between the High Impact Mascara and The Lash Power Flutter to Full, but because I have been using the Lash Power the most over the last few months, it had to win. I feel it does a great job at lengthening with volume without causing clumps in my lashes. 10 out of 10. 


A huge thank you to my Clinique family for making this year happen. I had so much fun trying and testing out all the new releases and you have definitely taken over my holy grails for multiple categories. 

jasmine x

This post was supported by my partnership with Clinique Australia.


Today I realised that I am scared of having a permanent video of myself on the internet. But after getting the same questions daily and filming multiple Stories/Live Streams of me doing my hair, this was my only choice. 

So please be kind, I am only facing my fears to help everyone who has & will ask.

Products Used.
Hair brush & Nume Curling Wand with the 25mm attached. I used the 25mm from my a long bob until now. As my hair gets longer I will be switching to the 30mm. 

Most days this full routine takes around 8 minutes.

If you have any questions let me know below and I can get back to you there.

jasmine x