As you know over falling in love with their Chubby sticks over a year ago, the last six months I have been lucky enough to try out a lot of Clinique's beauty and skincare. From which I have some of my all time holy-grail products which I now swear by (I am looking at you moisture surge range) but I wanted to start with the foundation that really made its mark - the Superbalanced Silk.

 Especially in Brisbane, summer days range from 30 degrees and up so I like to have something that feels really light weight with a finish that isn't too dewy (the humidity takes care of that) or too matte. For me it is ticking every box for summer. It is that perfect light to medium coverage for really evening out your skin tone and texture for a silky finish. It even has SPF 15 in it for those in-between aircon moments. 

For colour reference my skin can change colour quite easily depending during the summer time. I go from working inside all day and matching 02 Silk Shell, but once Christmas hits and I take time off I am usually outside a lot and needing Silk Ivory.

When I was down in Sydney not that long ago I also picked up an amazing tip from their Global Colour Pro Artist Damian Garozzo. Keep two shades of your favourite foundation in your drawer. A winter and summer shade. Then to achieve the perfect soft contour when your skin is lighter, use your summer shade to lightly bronze the parameter of your face and cheekbones.  I have been trying this ever since because we are now officially in summer, but I am still stuck inside so I want to still match my natural skin colour but add some warmth into my skin. It is a great way to softly contour for a natural look. 

Sometimes with products I will have tips for applying it, but I have used a flat top kabuki, an Artis brush & beauty sponges and they all work really well in my opinion. 

You can find the foundation online at Clinique  & In Store or through their retailers. 

I would love to know if you have tried it below and what your thoughts are! 

jasmine x 

This post was created in Collaboration with Clinique Australia. Needless to say, all opinions are always my own.