Hi lovers this is just a Sunday night message to replace my usual Sunday night personal style post. I am currently in a state of chaos which would explain my slight slackness on the blog front so I thought I would let you in on what's going on!

For the last few months Michael and I have been searching for the perfect rental, wait, not even perfect but just enough to keep us both happy. I have realised since working from home, the environment in which I surround myself is super important. So after countless disappointments of not getting places we liked, places going the day the were advertised and shitty agents that never turned up to appointments we finally found a place and within 2 hours of looking at it we were approved. I'm not a 'everything happens for a reason' type of gal but come on.. The same week my family home sold and my older brother signed a contract on a house. 

So as you can imagine everyone going in different directions all at once is chaos. I'm sure if you follow me on instagram (@jasminedowling) you have seen snippets of the new place, which just consists of plants, one chair, and some kitchen utensils at the moment. But with furniture going in this week let's hope I make it 'home' this weekend. 

This is where working for yourself is not ideal which is why the next collection has been sitting in my studio the last week or so still in it's packaging from the printers. I promise you though, it is worth the wait. It is hands down my favourite yet. 

Anyway so if you were wondering why there hasn't been much posting lately, I can assure you I haven't just been watching re runs of girls and eating popcorn like I wish I was doing. 

jasmine x