Khaki Lightweight Trench & Trench by Zulu & Zephyr (coming next month)
Harvest Eyewear by Karen Walker

Sorry for the lack of posting over the last few weeks lovers, it was a crazy start to the year. For those who follow me on instagram (@jasminedowling) you would have seen I flew down to Melbourne last week to shoot a project / interview with Maybelline New York! 

It is kind of funny because when I first got the phone call early January about the project my whole insides screamed "run - this is terrifying - run" I am really quite shy in front of those I don't know and being in front of a camera (unless with Michael) is not where I am most comfortable. But I have realised in the last year that I can't say no to something amazing just because it terrifies me. So on Monday & Tuesday last week I used every bit of confidence I could find in my body and did it! I think it was definitely a sink or swim moment internally and thank god it went as good as it could have been!

This outfit was actually what I wore for the plane trip down. I knew I only could take minimal luggage as most of my carry on was filled with paint trays and brushes. So I needed something that would be okay for a Melbourne "Summer", comfortable enough for the plane trip, and sassy enough to stroll around Melbourne in before checking in. I have spoken about my love for khaki so it is no surprise this light weight trench from the Zulu & Zephyr Shades Campaign was a big hit. I am also wearing one of their dresses below but I think I will shoot this on it's own soon, because I am 99% sure you all need it in your wardrobes. 

So I would love to know what fears you are planning on facing this year / what is your coping mechanism for doing so? 

jasmine x