As you may have noticed I missed posting a outfit post this weekend - You can blame the dead sun flowers. Ever since finding out this field of amazing-ness was in the same state to me I have been wanting to go explore it. 

So on Sunday morning Michael and I set off for the 2 and a bit hour drive out to find these. Not going to lie I had got myself pretty damn excited to see an ocean of huge flowers, facing up to the sun to welcome me. With google's instructions that it is somewhere between Warwrick & Allora we finally hit a sign for Warwick & my eyes hardly blinked as I turned my head from side to side checking both sides of the road for a sea of yellow. Then Michael says " oh no.. they're all dead " naturally I thought he was teasing.. but no ... We found them.. A sea of brown dead sun flowers. We then spent a good five minutes laughing.. with breaks of just saying 'nooooo'

Thinking there would be more fields we then drove around half an hour in each direction on the search for more then later retreating back to the dead patch and exploring in there. 

Good news from the exploration:

Even if the sunflowers are dead, there are so many painted sunflowers around the town for you to take pictures with.

The farms out in this area are really truly beautiful

They have a Zaraffas drive thru (How does everywhere I go exploring have one yet Brisbane doesn't?)

If anyone has a location (address if possible) for an alive field of sunflowers please comment below. 

Jasmine x