Shop Local This Christmas Guide

You can shop the Movers & Shakers below:

This is a point I feel very strongly about being a one woman local business. I started creating brush typography nearly two years ago now and have been working nearly everyday since to push myself and my skills for those I create for. Early this year I took the step to to quit my part time job to dedicate myself 100% to my business. I am not going to lie as a 22 year old that is kinda terrifying but I knew it was never going to get easier. Now that there is brush typography prints popping up everywhere I feel so so blessed for those customers who stuck by me, my business & what I create. I honestly owe everything to them. 

There is so much work and effort that goes on behind small businesses that nobody sees & there is a whole lot of hustle. When you purchase from a small business you are paying for someone's rent, buying someone's groceries, purchasing their next season of stock and allowing them to do something they truly love. It was so hard to narrow my Shop Local This Christmas Guide down to what I did but these were just some of my favourites. 

I truly ask you to look around your community (online community counts ahah) this christmas and shop local to support the makers, the movers & the shakers. I would love to see other bloggers etc also taking up this challenge and writing their own Shop Local This Christmas Guide.

Shop the above here:

While I am talking about christmas gift giving, I have just got my hands on my new foil prints. I thought about the perfect something for someone special when creating these. I have brought out my first twin set of prints - ' I carry your heart ' 'I carry it in my heart' in gold foil. Either give both as a gift or keep one for yourself and give the other to the lucky person who's heart you carry. I have also designed 2 new copper foil prints. My foil prints always disappear so get in fast if you have an eye on one (or two). 

jasmine x