A bit more about me

I often get emails for interviews or just questions here & there so I thought I would see what you all wanted to know and here are your questions & my hopefully helpful answers. 

@adventurite asked Who's your favourite fashion blogger on Instagram and where do you find your inspiration?

Probably Margaret Zhang just because she always surprises me in a good way - that girl keeps fashion interesting. I don't really know where I find my inspiration for what I wear, I really just like to match my mood or where I am going that day.

@oceanmantra asked How did you learn your craft?

I am completely self taught. I pretty much started using ink early 2013 and have practiced it nearly everyday since. 

@lizzycooperfyfe asked What would be your ideal career path?

This is kinda hard to answer because even 6 months ago I would have probably said what I am doing now would be my ideal. I would love to get more into the art direction side of things and work closely in creating campaign imagery, look books and larger scale advertising. 

@eleahramos & @its_alkieee asked What brushes, paints or materials do you use?

I am really helpless when answering this question because I use so many different brushes that are normally no brand or I just find around the house. I normally try to pick up a few brushes when I am at the art store just to try out what they are like - I love working with a chunky round brush though. I also sometimes use a refill watercolour brush that you can find at art stores. Regarding paint I rarely use paint unless I want a rough dry brush style - I mostly use ink.

@_yecrad asked What did you want to be when you were growing up / in highschool?

In highschool I knew I wanted to go something in either architecture or graphic design because that's the subject I liked the most. I was definitely aiming to more digital design work though - definitely not anything hand based. 

@kindclothingco asked How do you handle criticism or internet hate? Does it affect the way you view yourself or your work?

I would be lying if I said I am able to shrug that stuff off. I find it hard because I tend to take a lot of it personally when I shouldn't and I always want to defend myself. I am not going to lie it is really hurtful when you put so much of yourself out there and some people see that as an invitation to say what they like without thinking how the other person may take it. I do read everything - and I hate to say that I have let it get to me too many times. My current tactic though is just to delete rude or ridiculous comments from my page as soon as I see them - I know logically they aren't worth my time.

@beblondedontbestupid asked How does your perfect sunday look?

Definitely a spontaneous adventure. A day spent driving some place I haven't been and eating good food would definitely be my perfect day. 

@hannahlwatt asked When did you start to realise that hand lettering was something you could make a career in? Does it ever feel like you have made it?

I think I realised I could really make something of it when my inbox was getting very full and I needed more time than what I had to create pieces - that was when I quit my part-time job - then when I still was run off my feet that's when I realised oh god what is happening here. Second question is a little harder.. I am one of those people that when something good happens I am super stoked for 5 minutes to myself then I set my standards higher. But of course I look at my position and remember how incredibly lucky I am for this all to be happening and that I would have never dreamt in a million years that it ever would have got to this so soon.

@armanitesalona asked What was the worst lie you ever told your boss?

I am a terrible liar so I don't think I have one? Boring answer but I have always had some flexible/lovely bosses that I didn't really have to lie to.

@laurenlouisa asked a few questions:

What does an average day look like for you?

I always get up around the same time everyday to keep with the routine and eat breakfast with a coffee the size of my face. Then Shower - always. I then normally go up into my studio in my house and send off any work that I did the day before or reply to any urgent emails. I find if I spend too long emailing I will have wasted the whole day so I try not to spend too long on it. I will then check my Online Store and package up orders from the night before & send my orders to The Club of Odd Volumes. I then either will start creating, editing or digitally tracing type. I spend most of my day doing this until about 6 or 7 at night.  I also go on trips to the post office most days which seems to be annoyingly time consuming. I then normally try to leave my studio room so I don't get drained and watch some guilty pleasure tv then I go into my bed and look over my emails again and reply to new urgent ones. I also normally brainstorm before bed. 

Lately though a lot of my days have been taken up with trying to mix uni work & work. 

How do you manage study + freelancing?

To be honest - it has been really hard. All of my uni work is assignment based and the perfectionist in me will spend way too long on them but I am also the same with my freelance work. I think lately the key has been trying to say no to work where I can. I have to try remember that it is my final semester and there is not that long to go. Doing so much freelance work does really help with my assignments though because I am more aware of time frames and getting my concept down straight away and sticking to it. I am less likely now to change my concept a few weeks in. 

When do you finish study and what is your plan after you finish study?

Oh I don't have a plan - I wish I did. to be honest I haven't had time to breathe all year so maybe once things calm down I will make a plan haha.  

Do you live with your parents or you man & Do you see yourself living in Brisbane forever?

I live with my mum at the moment which is perfect because it meant I was able to take the leap to working for myself without too much risk. She is also beautiful and has let me take over a bedroom for my studio. Once I finish uni though I will be moving out of home. Regarding Brisbane, I highly doubt I will live here forever. It will always be home to me but I definitely can see myself exploring around and finding cute apartments to mess up with ink. 

@kimberley_jean asked Do you curl your hair with a straightener or barrel? 

I just curl it with my GHD then brush it out and mess it up a lot so that the curls don't hold perfectly.

@demzlw asked What is your creative process like?

I don't know if I really have one.

Feel free to ask any more questions in the comments and I will keep editing this post and adding to it :)

j x