Shot by the talented Michael John Hughes

Knit by Lilya (shop here)
Skirt by ASOS (shop here)
Shoes by Wittner 
Eyewear by Karen Walker (shop here)

Yay for the weekend! This weekend has definitely been one of my favourites in a little while. Michael and I attempted to play late night tennis on Friday Night and the only way I could describe it is the Daria opening song. Then Saturday then consisted of meeting followers in lifts randomly, eating sushi, gallery hopping, coffee and catching up with our favourite Mace siblings! We feasted at Ben's Burgers for the first time as well - go there if you're from Brisbane or visiting - they know how to make burgers.

Talking about the weekend outfit, I got this knit earlier in the week from Lilya and have hardly taken it off. As always this brand nails knits and this is the perfect weight for spring. I have also been looking at these knife pleat midi's for a while so I finally ordered one last week and I love it so much I will most likely order it in black also!

So I hope you all had a lovely weekend, I now have to tackle a whole heap of uni work and organising my tax return!

j x