No outfit post this week guys due to a very lethargic weekend spent in and out of bed. However, I do need a huge favour so I thought I may as well put it out there and see if anyone can help me! 

I am wanting to shoot a personal project in the next week or so, covering parts of the built environment with rolled sections of pastel & black paint and shoot it. The sticky situation though is I want to get permission from the owners of these areas. 

I am preferably looking for cement/grey/white exterior walls that you wouldn't mind having made more pretty with colour and brush strokes. Anyone who is constructing a build at the moment or is demolishing a wall soon is ideal. The painted sections would be minimal and I would be happy to paint over it once I have finished shooting it as well as compensate the owner.

I am pretty desperate and would hate to have to go for a less pretty concept so please if ANYONE knows ANYONE that owns a wall or corner I would love to email them. 

Not going to lie, I have this idea in my head and I don't know how I will stop obsessing about it until it happens. 

please email me at jasminedowling@live.com if you have something.

x x x