It is that time again – A new collection of prints has just been launched on The Little Shop of Jasmine. Bare with me though, this post is a little on the longer side. A lot has changed this time round so I thought I would fill you in on what has been keeping my up late for the last two months.


Not that long ago now I was invited to a space in Paddington, Brisbane called Showroom. I instantly fell in love. A renovated Queenslander with timber floors, white walls, beautiful original features and sun light to die for. When the showroom isn’t holding pop up shops and venues for local creatives they run their own creative workshops! A perfect addition to Paddington. Wilde Flora Owner Caroline and Spring Shop creator Catherine brought their creative minds together on this space and have made something truly magical. So obviously when I was thinking where I was going to shoot this collection – Showroom was an obvious choice.

If you would like to shop the shoot, I have listed all the brands below. Also make sure to check out the space for yourself if you are Brisbane based!

Fiddle Leaf Fig ($20) - Showroom Brisbane, Paddington / Wilde Flora 
Funnel Vase ($55) - Showroom Brisbane, Paddington / Spring Shop
Wooden Crate ($80) - Showroom Brisbane, Paddington / Spring Shop
Mason Jars ($8) - Showroom Brisbane, Paddington / Spring Shop
Apparatus Lamps ($85+) - Showroom Brisbane, Paddington / Spring Shop
Beaker Terrarium ($85) - Showroom Brisbane, Paddington / Wilde Flora 

You can visit the lovely ladies at 135 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington QLD 4064.


I have now been doing this for 6 months & I would love to thank everyone who has bought a print or supported me and all of my adventures so far. With being so new to this a few things needed to be ironed out and before creating this collection I really took time out to reflect on the past collections to create something truly special.

I know a lot of people are creating brush/calligraphy typography prints for sale and it would be easy for me to pump out ridiculous amounts of cliché popular sayings that the masses would buy. But I realised that isn’t me – that isn’t the work I love. I love the process of creating these prints beyond looking at popular quotes and pumping out designs. I love manipulating or being playful with cliché quotes to create something new and relevant. This was the first point I really wanted to explore with this collection.

Secondly, I wanted to attack the issue of reproduction of my work with this collection. I am well aware that people seem to think it is okay to take my work print it off and use it. So I wanted to thank those who really support me by having the prints bought of shop.jasminedowling.com special. I have changed printers and all paper stocks that they have been created on. Firstly I have used a local company in Brisbane to create my prints on high grade 300gsm white linen stock. To those who are not paper people – this shit feels good, real good. I have also worked with Stitch Press to create a limited edition copper foil print (obsessed with anything copper). All prints have been stamped with a ‘Made With Love By Jasmine' stamp and have been numbered.

There has also been a change around with shipping & collection dates. Due to being in my final semester of my bachelor and the mounting pile of studio work I will be posting off on Monday, Wednesday & Friday. However, I have changed the shipping domestically in Australia so that all packages will be sent express to you. I will also be stocking these prints until Christmas with no more switching of stock every month. At this stage the prints have only been created in 25 sets, so they are all limited edition.

You can now shop the range of prints here - The Little Shop of Jasmine

I hope you all love the collection as much as I do.

jasmine x