Shot by the talented Michael John Hughes

Playsuit by Element (shop brand here)
Coat by Asos (shop similar here)
Sunglasses by Karen Walker (shop here)

Oh I am sorry Brisbane, do you call this winter?! I know so many of you are looking at these last images going either this shoot was from earlier months or I am absolutely freezing my butt off. But no this is our winter. I must admit it has been rather chilly for us and in the shade the coat is a must, but when you can wear bare legs in winter you can't really complain. After 5 minutes in direct sun you can start to shed the layers and return to your 12 month round summer closet items. I got this playsuit from Element earlier in the week and thought surely this won't get worn until maybe september but no this weekend ends weather begged for some star printed playsuit fun. 

Hope some of you also had a breather this weekend & got out to enjoy the winter sun. 

jasmine x