Photo credit to Louise Perkins

It has been nearly 2 years since Thomas Kelly, an 18 year old having a night out walking through Kings Cross, Australia was struck by a senseless act of violence. This one cowardly punch ended Thomas' life. 

This shocked Australia, but unfortunately happens way too often and Thomas is not the first or last to be the victim of this horrific act. In strength his parents have begun the Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation to try reduce the alcohol fuelled violence. To find out more about the foundation visit their website at

To try help the cause, Myself and Nicole from Paterson & Steele have collaborated on this limited Edition Print. $15.00 from each print sale goes straight to the Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation. These prints are based on a Ghandi quote and have been printed on 200 gsm white stock measuring 40 x 50cm. The print has been created with Black foil, so it has a reflection to the typography. 

Each print is $59 plus shipping.

Please help give something back to the family that has lost so much & help the cause on the 2 year anniversary of Thomas' passing. 

jasmine x