Shot by the talented Michael John Hughes

Coat provided by UNIQLO (shop similar style here)
Mohair High Neck Sweater provided by UNIQLO (shop here)
Skirt by ASOS (shop here)

First I heard of UNIQLO was when I was over in the states over Christmas with Michael. Their iconic puffer vests were on every second New Yorker and in -6 temperatures I was completely envious. So when I heard they were opening in Australia I was super keen to check it out but as usual it popped up in Melbourne first. Not to worry though because they also launched an Australian online store (shop here).

I don't know what has come over me lately, I have been purchasing all monochrome outfits and loving it. I found this classic shaped coat and high neck sweater and instantly wanted to wear it as an all grey outfit. It was only fitting the day I wore this, the weather was grey and rainy (hence the hair). I must say though UNIQLO really impressed me with their quality and their effortless and classic aesthetic. The items may be basics but they are far from boring and less is more. 

Now here is something for you. 

UNIQLO and I are giving you all 20% Discount on their online shop until July 7 so you can purchase the items featured above and many other winter essentials. All you need to do is enter the code Jasmine62008BL at the checkout.

So treat yourself at -

jasmine x