So I made it through last week. I wish I could say I was cool, calm and collected but last week was one I had been nervous about for the last four months. It was the week of Analogue Digital.

For those not aware of the power couple Matt & Alex behind Analogue Digital, it is a design conference held in both Brisbane and Melbourne this year. This year I was a Next Generation Speaker at the Brisbane Conference - and I survived it!

I spoke a lot about my love for hand lettering, my conscious switch from digital design, the importance of creating relevant design and showcasing yourself on social media. For those who missed AD I also showed a film of me 'doing my thang' shot by Camille

Normally I am only comfortable in front of Michael's camera but this girl must be a design-soul-sister of mine. We got along instantly over macarons. So she spent few days with me filming and shooting me in my design cave. 

Hope you love the magic that was created. 

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