Shot by the talented Michael Hughes

Denim by Country Road
Knit by Asos
Bag by Kate Spade NY
Shoes by Converse

It was a while ago now that Michael & I were on the top side of the world in Vegas. Due to all the wet sundays we have been having recently I thought it would be good to whip out some travel posts from the archive. 

This was shot the day before we head back home after being away for a month and I found vegas probably the most disorientating. It was as if you stepped back about 10 years. Everyone was in valour tracksuits, kids were around gambling, smoking was allowed inside and you could take any alcohol pretty much anywhere. As someone who doesn't really drink much here it was all a little bizarre to me. All the hotels were connected and the insides were set up like exteriors so you nearly never saw natural sunlight. One thing that vegas had over all the other places we went was the sunrises and sunsets over the desert. One place I couldn't resist stopping off at before I flew home was Anthropologie. I think I stopped at nearly everyone we saw while travelling. 

This outfit combo of a black knit, boyfriend jeans and cons was pretty much my go-to outfit for all of our flights. It was no valour tracksuit but it was pretty damn comfy. 

Hopefully the rain will ease up next weekend and I will have some new posts to share. 

jasmine x