Shot by the talented Michael Hughes

Leather Jacket by Decjuba (shop here)
Tee by Betty Browne (shop here)
Skirt by Cue (in store only)

So because this weekend is long & I have a sneaky collab launching tomorrow I thought I would share this a little early (ps. it is one for those who love their mothers as much as I love mine) 

Talking about my new favourite basics this week. Holy moly leather jackets do not get better than this bad boy by Decjuba. As opposed I am to motocycles (Michael's included as I don't want him hurt) this thing makes me want to get a tattoo and jump on the back of one asap. That's one thing I love about clothes, just one simple thing can change how you act and feel. Toned down with a basic white tee and front split skirt. I have been searching like a mad woman trying to find the perfect front split skirt for ages and this one I found not so long ago in Cue (now on sale ladies!) 

Anyway after this I took my new 'bad ass' self home to do some crafts and practice screen printing for some upcoming personal projects. 

Hope you are all devouring chocolate and relaxing!

jasmine x