This is something I have had in the works for the last month or so. When I first started jotting down fruity puns, I was stuck because I wanted them to be rich with colour but not use a traditional printer. It is very important to me to always keep experimenting with hand craft instead of relying on digital forms of production. So I decided I wanted to screen print. All well and good but I did not know how to screen print but I can honestly say after screen printing all week I have perfected it. 

Practice what you peach ($60) shop here

Let's Jam ($60) shop here

We make a great pear ($60) shop here

These prints are all A3 (42 x 30cm) in size created on 280 gsm white card. Designed to either hang alone in your bedroom, office or even kitchen. They are even a cute set of three. 

Each priced at $60 AUD plus postage. 


For those who follow me on Instagram you would know I have been trying to learn french (not going so well) So I decided I would try write, and re write french prints to get it to sink in. 

I have created four french expressions available in three colour aways; navy, pink or white. 

a la belle etoile - 'Under the Stars/Sky' ($35 each) Shop Here

joie de vivre - 'Joy of Living' ($35 each) Shop Here

maison loin de la maison - 'Home away from Home' ($35 each) Shop here

Each print is created on 300gsm A4 (21 x 30cm) card and priced at $35 AUD plus postage. Again these prints have been designed to stand alone but even better when in sets of three.

jasmine x