Shot by the very talented Michael Hughes

Striped Top by Lilya (available at Style Milk Shop)
Dress by Faithful the Brand (available here)
Bag by Kate Spade New York 
Sandals by Wittner Shoes

 I have just realised writing this post that once again, I am layering tees under dresses. My excuse that this time it is also layering patterns so it is hardly outfit repeating. One plus about layering pieces like this makes a strappy low cut dress that normally would be quite risky on a windy day really easy to wear. 

Something else I have been layering like a crazy person is my delicates. Currently resembling a gypsy with 8 rings, 3 necklaces and two bracelets. I think I have come to a realisation about my verdict on jewellery - it either has to be fine and delicate or the complete opposite, no middle ground. I think the trick with layering jewellery, mainly necklaces is the length of them, get a few that sit roughly evenly apart. This will stop them becoming one silver tangled mess. Also you can't have too many or else it will do the same - I learnt this from experience. Stick to simple designs that include geometric or funky little shapes - Karen walker knows whats up. Make sure to head over to the above jewellery designers for plenty to mix and match from.

ps. do this before knit season - nothing ruins a knit like a point delicate ring. 

jasmine x