Shot by the very talented Michael Hughes

Bikini Top by Seafolly // Skirt from a little shop in Nolita, NY

Just a few weeks ago I headed away to spend some time with my family up at Caloundra, Sunshine Coast. It's one of those holiday spots that my mother always went to growing up, then my two brothers and I also spent every school holiday up there with the rest of the family (the perks of the grandparents owning a holiday shack up there). It's hard not to get sentimental being somewhere you have been going your whole life and seeing it change every time - I even notice the shapes of the beaches changing now. Even though it was a long time since I was running around after soldier crabs & building them sand castles to live in I still think there is nothing better than being by the ocean. 

This skirt is another thing that has my heart. When walking through Nolita on one of our last days in New York I saw this skirt in the window of a little boutique. It has a shape & volume that I knew straight away I had to have it. This bikini top on the other hand I saw in September when I was up at Caloundra and it was one of those things I thought I would be buying on impulse so I left it. Still thinking about it when I went up a few weeks ago, I felt it was meant to be when they only had one left and is was a size 8. 

This is as close as I get to shooting in bikinis. 

jasmine x