Shot by the very talented Michael Hughes

Fading Dress by Lola vs Harper // Bag by Kate Spade NY // Sandals by Wittner

Now we are a day late for this post because of Australia Day festivities yesterday. How did everyone spend their day? If it was anything like mine it was spent with friends, playing street cricket and drinking through funky straws. To be honest Michael and I were feeling a little shady today so easy dressing was essential. This dress by Lola vs Harper matched the overcast windy weather of Brisbane this morning. It feels like a nightie - which wins points with me as it doesn't make you look like you just got out of bed. And a plus of not being gifted in the chest region means going without a bra is optional. Let's just say Lola vs Harper - you are on my radar and I am liking you very very much.

Anyway a huge week ahead for myself. Keep an eye out for JASMINE homewares, the launch of THE LITTLE STORE OF JASMINE & some sneaky valentine's cards to download.

Happy public holiday for all those playing in Australia.

jasmine x