Shot by the talented Michael Hughes

Tee by Sportsgirl // Silk Cami by Shona Joy from Style Closet // Shorts by Gorman.

Coming up to my trip with mr hughes I thought it would probably be a good idea to start shooting more knowing full well the weekend before would be full of running around packing etc. This was a super easy sunday outfit of a few weeks ago. One thing that I have noticed I have been doing at least once a week (and now to work?!) is popping a tee under everything. For a long time now I have been wearing a tee under a nightie to bed (just for coverage as I still live in company of brothers) so I guess this is my take on the sleepwear as outerwear trend? I personally think it is the perfect way to take a top from night to day - with this sassy silk cami being no exception. I picked this piece from the re-branding clear out at Stylecloset

These shorts I purchased a while ago when the weather was getting too warm for my liking. Gorman is one store that I struggle in - I want to buy everything but my wallet says the opposite. That day I caught myself between a pineapple picnic dress or shorts and a tee. After much time aimlessly walking around trying figure out how I could buy all three, I decided for the more sensible option of tee and shorts. Already these shorts have been worth it for how much I wear them. They are a waxed linen material so they have a slight shine to them, but with the breeziness of linen. The only thing that is a bitch is the linen crinkle factor! 

jasmine x