Shot by the talented Michael Hughes

Talulah silk top from the Style Closet sale // Therese Rawsthorne Shorts // Sandals by Cali Cale

I think this outfit makes up for the many monochromatic posts that have been appearing lately on here. It was all about silks a few weeks ago when I shot this outfit before jetting off on an US adventure. Soaking up the heat before I went into coat/beanie/scarf weather, silk provided great relief without stripping down to a bikini. This top from the Style Closet sale is an absolute steal down to $60 from $199 while they re brand their online store.

Then you have these shorts that I was lucky enough to pick up last summer with a perfect mix of colour, line and pattern. Pieces as lovely as these mean you get more than one season wear out of them too!

jasmine x