All photographs by the very talented Michael Hughes

Top by Sportsgirl // Skirt by Me // Crop by Calvin Klein

First of all huge props to Michael to creating some of my favourite blog photos to date with this shoot! Give me a structural full circle skirt, lace and pockets and the ingredients are all there for a typical jasmine outfit. A few months back now I searched high and low all over the internet for a emerald green silk skirt and after weeks of looking I had enough, and started the search for the perfect emerald green raw silk fabric instead. Finding the fabric was a hard enough find in itself but I finally found this raw emerald silk fabric and bought multiple metres of it. 

Since I was younger I always loved making my own clothes as I was always pretty picky with what I put on my body. Recently I just haven't had the time or patience to sit at a sewing machine for hours until I had my mind set on owning a full circle midi length emerald raw silk skirt. 

The result of many late nights slaving at the sewing machine is the skirt above. 

jasmine x