Photography by me / All prints + artwork created by me 

I have been meaning to do a post on my workspace / playspace for a while now and with my new camera batteries arriving, I had no excuse not to! First things first, let's be honest that no ones workspace stays this neat and tidy for long and mine is no different so this is just a glimpse of my spaces before the creative storm hits.

About a month back I was dying to be on holidays, to catch up on sleep and spend my days off doing absolutely nothing. My first real day of holidays (not rostered on for work and no uni work left to do) I got to about mid-day and was completely bored out of my brains. This was when I started creating prints and since then I have been super busy creating for some truly lovely people. I think what you do when your on holidays and in all your spare time, is what you should do for life.

I was very lucky last year my old room became free and was turned into my mums sewing/painting room and then not long after that I claimed a table for a workspace. I started to use the room away from my bedroom so that I couldn't procrastinate bake, clean or organise whilst working/doing assignments. With a few projects up on the walls it is starting to feel less like a workspace and more like a playspace. I am constantly inspired by colour, texture and pattern so this is my haven! 

Another must for a workspace/playspace is flowers. I am a sucker for flowers when grocery shopping and I found these while picking up cup-cake ingredients this morning. Flowers in my house tend to follow me where I am, whether it be my bedroom or workspace. They instantly make the room a brighter place to be.

end rant.
jasmine x

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